‘Today’ Fans Want Hoda & Savannah Gone After Recent Segment


Today hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are on fans’ radars wishing they won’t be allowed to host again after they goofed up in the latest segment on the show. During a culinary segment of the show this week, Hoda Kotb was left embarrassed and Savannah was bashed by fans for bad hosting skills. What happened? Keep reading to find out the details!

Today Host Hoda Asks Weird Question About Mac ‘N’ Cheese

In the episode, NBC invited Ina Garten, the culinary legend into their studio to cook up something interesting. However, the tasty segment turned out to be an embarrassing lesson for the co-hosts. Hoda and Savannah stood at the cooking table alongside Ina, while Al Roker, Carson Daly, and Craig Melvin sat nearby and tried the offered food.

Today Hoda Kotb Savannah Guthrie YouTube

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At one point during the cooking segment, Ina talked to the hosts and explained the details of her quick recipe for overnight mac ‘n’ cheese. However, it caused Hoda to ask an odd and funny question.

Ina explained, “What you do is cover it and put it in the fridge overnight…”

However, Hoda interrupted her asking, “But when does the cheese get all melty?”

Al Roker YouTube Today Show

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Confused by Hoda’s weird question, Ina responded, “Errrr when it goes in the oven!”

Al Roker Makes Fun Of Hoda Kotb’s Mindless Question

As per The Sun, Al and his co-hosts laughed right away at Hoda’s question while she looked away seemingly embarrassed. “Nobody likes a cold mac ‘n’ cheese!” shouted Al as he bit on a big serving of the pasta dish he was served. A few moments later when Hoda offered to aid Ina during the cooking process, Craig blurted sarcastically, “That’s gonna go into the oven…”

Ina Garten YouTube Today

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Al chimed in, “Do you have to turn the oven on?”

While the other hosts mocked Hoda, Savannah quickly came to her co-host’s defense. She said, “Just keep eating guys, leave us alone!”

The co-hosts kept taking a dig at Hoda as they described how tasty the dish was while Al mocked, “And it’s hot!”

Today Fans Bash Savannah And Hoda For Speeding Things

However, the viewers weren’t happy with how Savannah and Hoda hosted the segment. One fan took to Twitter and wrote,

“Too bad you couldn’t drop Savannah and Hoda from the segment and just have Ina Garten.”

“Come on Hoda and Savanna-doesn’t anyone tell you the truth about cooking guest etiquette??? They have 1 minute to share a recipe…please stop trying to speed it along and chatter-can’t hear the guest!” wrote another.

This comes just a day after Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager’s on-air behavior rubbed their guest Aubrey Plaza the wrong way. Aubrey appeared on the show alongside Adam DiMarco wearing witch hats to promote their series The White Lotus. However, throughout the conversation, Hoda attempted to switch the topic to their ‘weird’ hats. Yet, the actress tried to talk about their show.

Aubrey Plaza YouTube Today Show

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Do you think Hoda and Savannah should be kicked off the show? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Time to go ladies. You ruin it for everybody. You both need to learn to listen to your guests and stop interrupting. Jenna you are the worst…I no longer watch you…

  2. It was very nerve racking each time my favorite professional chef Ina Garten was on this show. Whether with Hoda and Jenna or Savannah. They over talk the guest with stupid chatter when the guest is trying to share a professional and essential tips for making the dish.

    It was not cute nor clever it was downright annoying and I just changed the channel and YouTubed Ina’s recipe.I wish host would stop trying to cut in with their idiotic brand of humor and ignorance of what’s being done. They have a short segment and THEY ARE THE EXPERTS, so let the guest inform the audience .

    1. I have also stopped watching the Today show because Savanah, Hoda, and Jenna have all gotten so irritating. I have been a loyal fan for many years. No more. Sick of what they think is cute or funny. Why is it on for 4 hours anyway? Please stop it.

  3. Savanah, Hoda, and Jenna are very unprofessional. I have been a loyal fan for many years and I have stopped watching due to these 3 who constantly interrupt guests, ask ridiculous questions, and act like they have no class. Having fun on the show is one thing, but how these 3 act is absolutely terrible to watch. I am shocked the producer thinks they are fit to handle “The Today Show”

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