‘Sister Wives’: Why Did Robyn Brown Get Hospitalized?

Robyn Brown - Hospitalized - YouTube

As TvShowsAce reported about a week ago, the midseason trailer for Sister Wives Season 17 showed Robyn Brown had been hospitalized and a concerned Kody unsure of if she would survive. This very dramatic scene hasn’t happened yet in the show and fans are wondering WHY exactly Robyn Brown was hospitalized beyond the fact that she caught COVID.

After all, Janelle, several of Janelle’s children, and Kody Brown have all had COVID, and as far as fans know none of them landed in the hospital. So, what happened that landed Robyn in the hospital?

Sister Wives: Why did Robyn Brown get hospitalized?

So far, fans know Robyn Brown was hospitalized after contracting COVID. Fans also know the scene in the trailer showed Kody Brown looking deeply concerned as he admitted he wasn’t sure if Robyn would survive. Eagle-eyed fans, however, have spent some time examining screenshots of Robyn Brown in that hospital bed. And, they aren’t convinced the situation was as serious as Kody made it out to be.

Per InTouch Weekly, a few different bloggers that dissect Sister Wives agree that Robyn Brown’s stay in the hospital doesn’t look as serious or dramatic as Kody made it out to be. For example, Robyn is supposed to be hospitalized because of COVID. The first question fans are asking is simple: Why isn’t she hooked up to any sort of oxygen? After all, this is pretty standard for someone who is fighting for their life with COVID.

Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Robyn – Sister Wives – Youtube

Is this hospitalization storyline fabricated?

Many Sister Wives fans speculate Robyn Brown being hospitalized is actually just a fabricated and dramatized storyline for the purpose of keeping things interesting. Something different to break up the Kody and Christine split drama fans have been watching all season.

A few fans also speculate this fabricated storyline may have been pushed for the purpose of trying to get more fans to like or at least feel bad for Robyn. After all, she isn’t exactly a fan favorite on the show.

Robyn Brown hospitalized - TLC
Robyn – YouTube

As TvShowsAce previously reported, there’s no real reason to worry about whether Robyn survived this hospitalization because she’s been reported out and about with Kody several times since this hospitalization took place. Fans also argue that if it had been a more serious situation, her hospitalization would have made headlines when it happened. Fans don’t believe Robyn Brown almost dying is something TLC would have been able to keep under wraps.

Do you think Robyn Brown was even really hospitalized to the point of near death? Or, was this just a fake storyline? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. As someone who did really deal with a true life and death situation from covid I don’t appreciate the sensationalism of this just to gain followers. My husband died from covid 19 so to sensationalize this for ratings is disgusting. If Robyn really was that sick with covid (it didn’t look like she was in the photo) then I apologize to her personally. Covid isn’t something to use just to gain sympathy, followers etc. This is a real sickness that has destroyed millions of families.

  2. I think it was a fake act to get fans of Suster Wives interested enough to continue watching the next episode. I personally believe that the series is on the way out. Cody clearly doesn’t try to make the relationships work with all of the wives. He favors Robyn and doesn’t seem to care about the others. It’s sickening to watch the wives continue to be treated unfairly. He isn’t worth it ladies. Get out and find someone who cares and gives you the love you deserve.

  3. I agree that if this was to get ratings then shame on TLC and the Robin & Kody show. Pretending or acting as if someone is dying is not a joke, especially with all the lives that Covid has claimed. Very insensitive to viewers 😕

  4. Kody is like a spoiled Child if you don’t do What I say then Screw you you’re on your. Own the only one who’s abiding by his rules is Robyn he’s has no use for Meri I just wish if Christine is leaving then don’t let the door hit you she’s like a bad omen she keeps. Comming back it was Pretty shitty what Christine said to Robyn how she doesn’t want a relationship with her or her Kids or Meri now Meri she don’t give a Shit if Christine likes her or. Not. & is she’s leaving then there’s no point of her still being on the show Soxdont let the door hit you when the good lord Split you

  5. Fake, fake, fake, how was she being filmed and butt wasn’t in there. Feel stories were for ratings. She had good color and a little make on??????

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