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‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron: Twins Could Come Any Day?

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Sister Wives Mykelti Padron is one of two Brown daughters expecting babies. Along with her sister, Maddie Brush, they are due within months of each other. Maddie is set to welcome a baby girl in February 2023, her third. As for Mykelti, she and her husband, Tony are expecting twin boys. They will join their one-and-a-half-year-old little girl, Avalon. Now, in the home stretch of her pregnancy, Christine’s spunky yet sweet daughter is giving a huge update. How is she feeling and when are the babies arriving? Read on for some unexpected details.

The Sister Wives Brood Could Expand Any Day Now

When Mykelti Padron first announced she was expecting twins, she gave an estimated due date. In June, she said the babies were set to arrive in December. However, she did note that twins tend to arrive early so November could be when they would make their appearance. Eventually, it was revealed that the babies were both boys. While this was happening, Sister Wives returned. Since it is behind more than a year, fans got to watch baby Avalon’s homebirth. Now, Avalon is about to be a big sister and Mykelti has a huge update.


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In an Instagram post, Mykelti bared it all with a beautiful bump. She shared that both babies are doing great and weigh in the five-pound range. This is apparently above average for them but what is even more fascinating is that they have hair. Unfortunately, they are running out of space in mama’s womb. As for the mama-to-be, she is measuring at forty-seven weeks when an average pregnancy is only supposed to be around forty. She went on to note that she is not comfortable at all and struggles with sleep.

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So, when will these little nuggets be Earthside? According to Mykelti: “But I have anywhere from today to three weeks left, so there’s an end in sight.” This means that she could deliver at any time now. Fortunately, she already has her mother, Christine living in Utah with her so she is ready and raring to go. No word on whether or not Christine’s former sister wife, Robyn will be in attendance this time, as well.

A Lot To Process

Around the time that Mykelti was set to deliver Avalon, her mother, Christine shared she was leaving Kody. All of this has been documented in the current season of Sister Wives. Fortunately, Robyn and Christine were able to come together to help Mykelti successfully deliver her baby. Plus, she had her husband, Tony Padron who was an amazing cheerleader. Luckily, Christine made the decision to move to Utah once she divorced Kody so she has been a huge asset to the Padrons. She is also an extremely enthusiastic Oma and it will be incredible to see these beautiful baby boys as soon as they make their arrival.

When do you think the twins will make their debut? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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