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‘Sister Wives’ More Kids For Mykelti Padron After The Twins?

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Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is coming down the wire with her second pregnancy. She shared an update about her twin boys. It appears that she does not have much time left as a mother of one. Right now, she and her husband Tony are soaking up time with their daughter, Avalon. The one-and-a-half-year-old keeps them on their toes with her spunky personality. However, she will soon have two baby brothers to contend with. Yet, are the parents going to add more to their brood or is this the end of the line? Read on for Mykelti’s response.

Will Mykelti Padron Have More Babies?

After having her daughter, Avalon, fans started to wonder if Mykelti was expecting again. Then, she made the announcement that she and Tony were actually pregnant. As if that was not exciting enough, the couple then learned that they were having not one but two babies. Twin boys were on the way for the Padrons, arriving in December. Mykelti has been pretty good at giving updates on Instagram about how she feels and it was fairly comfortable for her. Now, she is at the point where she is measuring in at forty-seven weeks.


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Each baby weighs over five pounds and she could deliver any day. That being said, fans are curious if she will be having any more kids after the twins. After all, her mother, Christine Brown had six babies and Mykelti is one of eighteen. One fan asked how many children she and Tony want. To that, Mykelti replied: “Were done after this pregnancy.” She did not say if that means they are completely through with welcoming children into their lives. However, biologically they are done.

A New Beginning

This is a great new chapter for Mykelti Padron. More so, she is doing it with her mother, Christine by her side. Yes, she had her mama there when she delivered Avalon. However, Christine was still living in Flagstaff, Arizona, and just beginning the process of leaving Kody. Now, she is an official Utah resident and is there whenever Mykelti and her family need her. Interestingly enough, Mykelti is not the only pregnant Brown daughter.

Maddie Brush and Mykelti Padron from TLC, Sister Wives, Instagram

Kody’s second wife, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush is also expecting a baby, as well. She and her husband, Caleb will welcome their second girl come February 2023. Baby girl Brush will join her big brother, Axel, and big sister, Evie K. One of Mykelti’s followers asked which Brown child she thought would have the most children. A better question would be which one is next.

Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC. Plus, keep on Mykelti Padron baby watch right here on TV Shows Ace.


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