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Lisa Rinna Handles Business In Plunging Braless Dress

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Lisa Rinna is handling business like a boss while stunning in a plunging green dress.

The reality star, 58, continues to enjoy success via her Rinna Beauty brand, one she launched in 2020. In a recent Instagram share, the Bravo star sizzled while flaunting her trim figure in a gorgeous and braless gown, as she ensured that fans stock their carts with her merch.

Lisa may have been booed at the recent Bravo Con in New York City, but it looks like she’s put the drama behind her.

Reality Star Promotes Makeup Line In New Photos

Photos shared on Lisa’s IG showed her looking flawless as usual. The former Melrose Place star opened shot close up as she showed off her signature choppy and pixie-style haircut. The mom of two here showed hints of her pistachio-green dress, also offering hints of cleavage as she knocked the camera dead with a pricing gaze.

Lisa was, of course, impeccably made up. She wore matte foundation, heavy blush, and bronzer, plus a dark brownish lipstick to highlight her famous pout. Lisa added gold hoop earrings for a chic finish, with further photos showing her striking poses in her plunging dress. Going for a sash waist and a long length, Lisa wowed fans – they’ve left her over 11,000 likes.

In a caption, Lisa promoted her eye kits.


All About The Eye Kits

“RINNA BEAUTY EYE KITS,” she wrote, adding:

“3 fabulous kits to choose from or get all 3 RINNABEAUTY.COM
@rinnabeauty *wearing BetterNaked eye kit 💋.”

Rinna Beauty got big on account of its Lip Kits. Here, Lisa was pulling a leaf out of 25-year-old mogul Kylie Jenner‘s books, although the Lip Kit itself is not trademarked by the Hulu star. Speaking to Allure about kicking off her brand in 2020, Lisa admitted that things didn’t fall into place overnight.

“It’s been in the works a long, long time. It was something that seemed like the perfect fit, [to] start a lip line,” adding: “I first wanted to do it… I would say at least 10 years ago, maybe even more. I kept getting close to finding the right partner, the right cosmetic company to work with,” she stated, adding:

Lisa Rinna [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
“Every single time, it fell through. The deal didn’t work. Something happened. And that was, like, five times. I’m not even kidding. I felt like, “Gosh, maybe I’m not supposed to do it. Maybe I’m supposed to concentrate on clothes.” But in the back of my mind, I was like, “I’m not going to give up. I’m just not.” I never take no for an answer, and here we are.”

Launching Rinna Wines

Lisa is now fresh from the launch of Rinna Wines, her second business venture in under two years.

For more on her and your Bravo faves, check back here!

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