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‘GMA’ Michael Strahan Leaves Co-Host Speechless On Live TV


GMA host Michael Strahan recently left his co-host Cecilia Vega speechless on-air. The 50-year-old talked about sports and asked tough questions his co-host couldn’t answer. More so, what led to this moment on the ABC show? Keep reading to find out the details!

Michael Strahan Complains Of Cecilia Vega Schooling Him

On Good Morning America’s Monday episode, Cecilia and Michael, accompanied by George Stephanopoulos sat behind the desk. The hosts started a segment on Tom Brady, the NFL quarterback that set another record. Cecilia started sharing her thoughts on the same.

Michael Strahan YouTube

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The 45-year-old looked at Michael and said, “You know, I’m always saying. Brady broke this record in one year, and that’s surprising because usually these sack records, they hold for a really long time, so I just always feel like I’m telling you this. I wish it would sink in.”

Michael, who is a former football star, quickly replied, “You’re always schooling me on sports.”

“I know. I know, “Cecilia replied.

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Michael quickly put out a tough question for Cecilia and asked, “Out of curiosity, how do you get a half of sack?”

To get a better view of Cecilia, the GMA host put down his papers, folded his hands, and stared.

Trying to come up with an answer, Cecilia said, “Um….”

George Stephanopoulos Explains The Debated Question

Smiling at his big win, Michael turned to the camera and said, “Thank you.”

George chimed in, “I was going to answer that.”

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“For those of you who don’t know, a half sack is when two people hit the quarterback at the same time. You split the sacks,” explained George.

Michael Strahan YouTube

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Cecilia quipped, “I told you!”

Michael Strahan was a professional football player for years before he started appearing as a host in several shows. His passion for football was seen right from his senior year of high school which continued throughout his term in college. As per The Sun, after his graduation, Michel entered the NFL.

Michael Strahan Hosts GMA & The $100,000 Pyramid

Back in 1993, he was drafted by the New York Giants. However, he could only play six games due to his injuries. Later in 1997, he had a breakout season and recorded 14 sacks. In the 15-year of his football career, he continued to break records after which he finally retired in 2008.

Michael Strahan YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Currently, the host balances his work in Good Morning America with serving as a commentator on Sunday night Football alongside other projects. He also hosted ABC’s primetime show titled The $100,000 Pyramid. Since he joined GMA in 2016, he has covered several stories like the death of Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther star.

From 2012 to 2016, Strahan hosted Live With Kelly And Michael alongside his co-host Kelly Ripa. He also founded his own production company, SMAC Entertainment which creates diversified and strong content for ABC.

What do you think of Michael Strahan snubbing his co-host? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  1. I feel Mr Strathan May have pissed a few people of because of how far he has come in such a short time. And to me this all stems from the Kelly&Michael show. Some people can’t stand to see others grow & do good. Also you can’t continue to use people to help you make it, personality & common sense are a plus. Thank you Michael Stratham, keep shining like you are & just maybe that light will reach your dad , then he will know just how well you are doing, Love & light .

  2. Michael didn’t snub Cecilia. He just showed her where her place is which is not up there sitting with them. She talks like she knows more than a professional hall of fame athlete. I don’t know why they keep hiring women in these shows that know nothing about the sport that they are covering and try to one up the men on the show that do know more.

  3. Why comment on a Sports with someone who’ve played the game and Well,Congratulations Michael for All you have Accomplished

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