‘American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Shares Health Update

Danielle Colby [Danielle Colby | Patreon]

Danielle Colby shared a health update with her fans. The American Pickers star revealed that she had to undergo major surgery for a painful condition. She took to Instagram to share an update following the difficult procedure and recovery journey. Danielle wrote a long blog post on her Patreon, in which she detailed her health condition.

She returned to her Patreon page to share an update with her fans. The reality star shared a selfie of herself with a cuddly stuffed animal. Danielle previously admitted that she was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, which cause pain and inconsistent periods. She found out about her diagnosis after she dealt with the painful condition for several months.

Danielle Colby With IV [Danielle Colby | Patreon]
[Danielle Colby | Patreon]

Shares update with American Pickers fans

Danielle Colby is remaining in good spirits these days. She posted a photo of herself holding onto a stuffed cheetah on her Patreon page. The post was taken from her hospital bed following her recovery from surgery. The OnlyFans model also shared a snapshot of the flowers she received.

“I love this plushy that my daughter Memphis got me her name is KEI and she’s very squeezable and lovable. I’ve kept her next to me the entire time,” Danielle Colby wrote in her Patreon blog post. “I can’t have too many hugs in the moment so it’s nice to be able to hug her when I am feeling any type of way.”

Danielle Colby & Jeremy [Danielle Colby | Patreon]
[Danielle Colby | Patreon]
The television personality shared that she was feeling “exhausted.” Yet, she’s grateful that “the surgery is over.” The procedure took “a few hours” and she woke up the next day. Danielle expressed her gratitude to the hospital staff and her OB/GYN for their work and help.

“I’m so happy to be on the road to recovery,” Danielle Colby continued. “I have a lot of emotions and feelings and sensations right now that I am figuring out. I’m not ready to say where I currently am but I do have to say the hospital staff, surgical staff, my OB/GYN and surgeon, everybody has been phenomenal.”

Danielle Colby teases the future

The History Channel star teased her future. Currently, the future of American Pickers is unclear. The network hasn’t aired new episodes amid the news of the declining ratings. Danielle Colby may have to take a step back from filming the reality series due to her health condition.

However, she’s feeling hopeful about the future. She expressed her excitement for what was ahead. Danielle also expressed her gratitude to her fiance Jeremy for being with her every step of the way. She also thanked those who sent “loving messages” and “beautiful flowers.”

Danielle Colby Snuggles Stuffed Animal [Danielle Colby | Patreon]
[Danielle Colby | Patreon]
“This is the best care and nursing staff I have ever experienced. I’m excited for the future, for my healing process, to get back to work and to dance again,” Danielle Colby wrote.

She included a list of people she’s thankful for. For now, she’s looking forward to her return to Puerto Rico next year. Danielle Colby is also excited about her future with Jeremy. She also has plenty of short-term and long-term goals to make as she recovers.

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