The Real Secret To Getting Kody Brown To Bond With His Children?

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Kody Brown and a handful of his kids have very strained relationships. The pandemic could be to blame but it appears that this occurred prior to that. When Christine Brown revealed she was leaving him and Flagstaff, Kody was infuriated. He wanted 50/50 custody of their youngest child, Truely. Yet, Christine made a point of saying that he could have been there all along, he just chose not to be. Furthermore, he was rarely an active participant in their kids’ lives for years. Therefore, what difference did her leaving make? In the long run, was there actually a hidden way to get Kody amped to bond with his children? Read on for the answer.

Kody Brown’s Secret To Bonding With His Children

It has not been easy for Kody and his kids. It is quite clear to see that he has a better relationship with Robyn’s children than with any of his others. He cannot be away from them for too long, especially the two youngest, Solomon and Ariella. However, his daughter with Christine, Truely, is just one year older than Solomon. Yet, he never put in the same effort to be there for her as he has for Robyn’s littles. He even made it a point to rush his and Janelle’s RV trip so he could get back and test to be with Sol and Ari.

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Now, with Christine leaving, it seems Kody is trying harder than ever to fight to see Truely. He has even said he wants to set up a room for her at Robyn’s. A clip from TLC shows Kody and Christine chatting. He points out that he wants to have Truely more as he feels uncomfortable at Christine’s. His hope is to take his daughter out of that environment. Now, fans are weighing on this secret to getting Kody to bond with his kids.


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“If Kodys kids want to spend qt with him I guess their Mom has to divorce him first,” one noted. Another added: “He is using truly to punish Christine for leaving.” A follower also shared: “Now that a divorce is happening, he wants to spend time with Truely? A little too late buddy!” Essentially, leave Kody and the kids will become pawns thus getting the attention they should have gotten all along.

Paying The Price

This has not been a good look for Kody Brown as a father. Unfortunately, he was not there for Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery and has strained his relationships with sons Gabe and Garrison. They felt he separated the family to a detriment during the pandemic. Additionally, when it came to the kids returning to school, Ysabel wanted to be in the classroom as it was her senior year. Robyn’s daughter, Breanna opted to stay home but Christine said Ysabel would love a call from Kody asking her to stay home. Now, he is trying to make up for all of it with one bedroom.

Do you think Kody Brown ever made good on his efforts? Too little too late? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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