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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Ponder Which Version Of Meri Brown Is Real

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Sister Wives fans are really scratching their heads as they ponder which version of Meri Brown is real. Is the version of Kody Brown’s first wife they see on television real? Is the version they see of her on Instagram real? Or, is there a third version somewhere in between these two extremes that is who Meri Brown really is?

What did Meri Brown say or do recently that has fans trying to figure out which version of her is the real her? Keep reading for what she did and what fans are saying.

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Kody Brown’s first wife continues to insist she’s happy

Meri Brown has been taking to Instagram religiously to talk about how happy she is and how much she is enjoying her life. The TLC personality continues to pen lengthy captions as she discusses enjoying her life and being as happy as she could be.

Sister Wives fans have questioned whether she’s trying to convince fans she’s happy or is she just trying to convince herself she’s happy. Either way, fans agree someone who is truly happy doesn’t need to tell the world they are happy all of the time.

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Meri Brown talks of enjoying her life

Meri Brown took to Instagram again yesterday to boast about how much she was enjoying her life. She penned in her caption: “Don’t mind me! Just over here enjoying my life!” Rocking a pair of sunglasses, Meri had a huge smile on her face as she toasted the camera with a large tumbler while taking a selfie from inside a vehicle.

I work hard and I play hard. I live life happy and to the fullest. I celebrate my wins, I cheer my people on. I don’t let things get me down, at least not for long. (We all need to take a breather once in a while lol!)”

Here is the post that she shared on Instagram:


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Fans question which version of Meri Brown is real

Sister Wives fans admit they love seeing Meri Brown so happy. But, they question which version of Meri is real. More specifically, they ponder why she seems so hateful and unhappy on the show. Here’s some of what fans had to say in response to the post:

  • “Cheer your people on? You kept dissing Christine about how she was abandoning the family. Glad she left & seems to be thriving. Why stay in a loveless marriage????”
  • “Are you really happy? Or just settling for no love. You never seem happy to me.”
  • “Okay seeing you on here you are happy happy happy on sister wife’s it’s like the world has come to an end. I am for you Kody having a marriage but this sight seems like is there a sister wife life. I’m confused.”

Many Sister Wives point out that Meri has to look happy, successful, and well put together because she’s pushing an MLM. Moreover, fans suspect the version of Meri on Instagram is hardly the real version of Meri at all.

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