Nanny Faye Chrisley Cancer Update: How Is Todd’s Mother?

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While it is small, there has been an update for Chrisley fans on Nanny Faye’s health and cancer.

Chrisley Knows Best fans were gutted when Todd Chrisley confirmed his mother Nanny Faye had cancer back in June of this year. Todd explained in an episode of his podcast that the family had actually known about his mother’s cancer for a while. The family, however, opted to keep her health struggles private at her request.

Sadly, news of Nanny Faye’s cancer was brought to light during Todd and Julie’s legal trial for tax evasion and bank fraud. Todd explained in his podcast the legal issues threatened to bring the condition of his mother’s health to light. So, he wanted to get ahead of the story and tell their truth before it was skewed by media outlets and headlines.

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Nanny Faye/Credit: USA Network YouTube

After learning Nanny Faye had bladder cancer, the Chrisley family never said much more on the matter. Being a fan favorite on the show, people have been desperate for an update on how Nanny Faye’s health was and where she was with her cancer battle. Most importantly, Chrisley fans just wanted to know Nanny Faye was still alive and kicking.

Small update on Nanny Faye Chrisley’s health and cancer

Nanny Faye surfaced on Instagram recently. While this very small update didn’t really include any information on her cancer or her treatment progress, it did give Chrisley fans a visual on Nanny Faye’s health and how she was doing.

As fans know, Chase Chrisley recently proposed to his girlfriend Emmy Medders. Chase took to Instagram recently to note that it “still doesn’t feel real” before gushing about how much he loved his bride-to-be. The post contained several more photos from his proposal. One of the photos featured none other than Nanny Faye. Considering how close Nanny Faye and Chase Chrisley are, it was no surprise that she would be front and center at this massive moment in his life.

Chase Chrisly - Nanny Faye - Instagram
Chase Chrisly – Nanny Faye – Instagram

The photo featured Nanny Faye embracing Emmy Medders. In the comments, many fans admitted they were super jealous that Emmy got to hug Nanny Faye. In the photo, Nanny Faye had a huge smile on her face and looked incredible. Chrisley fans were so happy to see Nanny Faye thriving in a recent photo after learning of her cancer.

Check out the photo down below:

Were you happy to see a recent photo of Nanny Faye? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. love and prayers are with her.She is the anchor of this family especially for Chase the love between them is beautiful hopefully she can beat this illness and be with us for a long time. we love her

  2. So sorry about all your troubles. I hope you can endure what comes next for all of you children will be OK. I pray that nanny Faye will be all right. I have been a big fan of your show

  3. I have been a fan of the show since the beginning. My prayers are with all of you during this difficult time for your family.

  4. I am truly saddened by all the troubles your family are having and I pray that you all get through these hard times.
    I have been a fan from the beginning and will remain a fan.
    Prayers for your mom’s health and family.
    You are an awesome aunt and sister Savanah.

  5. I have watched the show many times and liked it except for the cursing!
    I feel badly for Grayson & Chloe the most because they are innocent in all of this
    Savannah will have a lot on her shoulders that I feel she will do her best to deal with.

    Julie’s parents…I feel badly for, too!

  6. Hi hope she feels better and prayers going to the family. I love their show and hope it comes back in some other way . They were funny and I recorded it and then watched it another day .

  7. Love the show and watched it faithfully. I will truely miss it. Keep us posted on Nanny Faye and her health. So sorry about all this. Murderers and thugs are walking around with no slap on their hands, yet this happens. It’s just like Martha Stewart going to jail yet our politicians are doing the same and getting no punishment. Seems to be totally unfair!

  8. Savannah is tough and she will handle situation my heart goes to the precious granddaughter and nanny fay. I doubt we ever missed one show . honestly love them because they open up and show people that they go through everything like us. really sorry show cancelled .. but it taught Todd a lot about back stabbers.

  9. I pray that nanny Faye is improving and I pray for the entire family. I have always enjoyed their shows for the past 2 – 3 yrs that I have known about the show. I certainly have missed them!!

  10. Savanna keep your head up high and count only on The LORD GOD through JESUS CHRIST and Believe with all your heart and with your mouth say it . When you pray about everything then watch GOD work. Have Faith and Believe You can do all things through Christ who strengthen You.


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