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Meri Brown Ripped By Fans, Busted For Huge Lie

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Meri Brown is often called out for her contradictions. She posts all of these things about love and kindness yet fans want her to practice what she preaches. Once again, Kody’s first wife has shared a posting on Instagram. Her fans read it and immediately jumped on her for writing lies. What is she in hot water for this time? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown’s Fans Bust Her For Lying

In a recent Instagram post, Meri shared that she is really enjoying her life. Currently, she is in the middle of a 10-day road trip spanning four states. In the post, she posed with a giant blue tumbler while sitting in her car, her hair flat ironed, oversized sunnies covering her eyes, and a bug grin. She went on to say that she is a cheerleader for those in her life as well as a whole paragraph of inspirational words. However, it was the part where she said “I cheer my people on” that got to her followers. They felt this was not always true, especially in the case of her fellow sister wives.


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“Cheer your people on? You kept dissing Christine about how she was abandoning the family. Glad she left & seems to be thriving. Why stay in a loveless marriage????” one follower commented. Another added: “Maybe you should think about what you say when it came to Christine she doesn’t owe any of you anything. She deserves to be happy too.” It was a common thread that they really did not believe Meri was that great of a cheerleader. They also did not believe Meri is sincerely happy, either.

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“Are you really happy? Or just settling for no love. You never seem happy to me,” one follower noted. Once again, they asked her to practice what she preaches. It really feels like what she says does not align with her actions as seen in recent episodes of Sister Wives. She feels like Christine betrayed the family but Kody’s third wife didn’t want a marriage as he and Meri have.

Fine On Her Own

Meri Brown may act like she is on her own island on the show but off-camera, she is just fine. The mother of one has her successful B&B in Parowan, Utah. She spends a lot of time operating it while preparing for a pricey November retreat there. Furthermore, she is thriving through LuLaRoe. It has allowed her to travel and make so many new friends that keep her going on a daily basis. Plus, she keeps winning awards. Maybe she does not need physical intimacy but she appears to have a lot of love in her life.

Do you think Meri Brown is a great cheerleader or does she need to work on that in her home life? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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