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Gwen Stefani Mourns With ‘The Voice’ Viewers

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Gwen Stefani is mourning with The Voice viewers. She reacted to the news that Blake Shelton left the NBC singing competition. It appears that the No Doubt singer isn’t returning to the show either. However, she didn’t share her thoughts on returning for another season.

Earlier this month, Blake Shelton shocked fans when he announced his departure from the show. He admitted it was a difficult decision. Now, fans are threatening to boycott the show after he leaves. Gwen said she feels “sorry” for the fans. Read on to learn more.

Gwen Stefani [Ellen Show | YouTube]
[Ellen Show | YouTube]

The Voice coach knows it won’t be easy

Gwen Stefani spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Blake’s exit. She admits that it won’t be easy for The Voice fans. That’s because the country singer has been part of the show since its inception. Some fans feel that Blake is the show.

The 53-year-old singer attended the 2022 Matrix Awards in New York City on Wednesday, October 26. Gwen Stefani brought along her husband as her date. She told ET Online how she feels about the news. Gwen empathizes with The Voice viewers.

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani [The Voice | YouTube]
[The Voice | YouTube]
“He’s brought so much joy. He’s so talented,” Gwen Stefani told ET. “I know people just wait around to laugh and watch him on TV, so I feel sorry for everybody [that] he’s gonna be gone.”

The “Slow Clap” singer hasn’t adjusted to the news either. Gwen is getting ready for Blake’s new venture. Despite what happened, she’s still very “proud” of him and all that he’s accomplished on the show. She just feels that it’s going to be really hard on the fans.

“It’s so weird Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice. I wasn’t ready, you know what I mean?” Gwen Stefani said. “I have to figure out who this new Blake’s gonna be. I’m just so proud of him.”

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton have a date night

Blake is getting ready for his next show. He’s teaming up with The Voice host Carson Daly to produce and star in Barmageddon, in which their famous friends will compete in bar games. Gwen Stefani admitted that she’s going to appear in one of the episodes.

She was also happy to have him with her at the event. The married couple is often busy due to their respective careers. The event was founded to honor women who want to make positive changes and inspire the next line of leaders. Gwen said she was “totally honored” to attend.

She had a hard time absorbing the concept of it. The “Don’t Speak” singer said she had to research the event before attending. Gwen Stefani was pleasantly surprised to see how long it’s lasted. At the event, Blake presented her with an award and gushed about her humanity.

What are your thoughts on Blake Shelton leaving The Voice? Does the news still make you sad? What are your thoughts on what Gwen Stefani said about his exit? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. It’s very sad to see Blake leave the show because he really is the star of the Voice. It won’t be as good unless they can get someone with just as big a talent who can also be as mischievous and comedic as he is. I know I will miss him immensely because he is the real deal and his dry humor takes the cake. I’m sorry he’s leaving but we can’t expect him not to go out and entertain, it’s what he loves and we love him. You know what they say….if you catch a butterfly you can’t keep it in a jar or it will die. If he knows it’s time to walk away, I wish him all the best in whatever he chooses to do. Thanks Blake for the ride you have taken us on all these years and may God keep you in the palm of His hand. Best wishes to you and Gwen in everything you do. Live your life and have no regrets. We love you!

    1. I will really miss Blake Shelton,with his dry sense of humor, and mischievous smile! Maybe he can come back as “a guest host” ( ha ha). What are bar games???

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