Great American Family’s ‘Christmas Lovers Anonymous’: All The Details

Great American Family-

Are you ready for the Great American Family network premiere of Christmas Lovers Anonymous, part of the Great American Christmas 2022 lineup?

This movie stars Brooke Burfitt (Putting Love To The Test, From Paradise With Love), Houston Rhines (Dressed For Love, The Green Oak Guardian), Bridget Fitzgerald (Blundering Heights, When The Ferris Wheel Stops), Lee John Gilligan (LA To Vegas, Hotel Artemis), Lexi Giovagnoli (Accidentally In Love, Snapshot Of Love), Danielle Guilbot (Deadly Misconduct, Nix), Madeleine Guilbot (Holiday Twist, Number Explorers!), Niesha Renee Guilbot (Ruth’s Locket, Deadly Misconduct), DeGayle Jackson (The Real Murders Of Atlanta, Cherish The Day), and Hannah Whiteoak (Military Wife, The Wrong Sort Of Grapes).

From Great American Family-
From Great American Family-

Lexi Giovagnoli (10 Steps To Love, The Christmas Listing), Lisa Hepner (The Christmas Checklist, Sappy Holiday), and Elizabeth Snoderly (Sweet Home Carolina, Love On The Rise) wrote the script with Lexi Giovagnoli (A Merry Single Christmas) directing.

What Is Great American Family’s Christmas Lovers Anonymous About?

According to IMDb, “A best-selling author hides her love for Christmas after an ugly break up, finding love again when she joins a website for people who are crazy about Christmas: ‘Christmas Lovers Anonymous.'”

From Great American Family-
From Great American Family-

When Can You Watch Great American Family’s Christmas Lovers Anonymous?

The premiere of the Great American Christmas movie Christmas Lovers Anonymous is on Sunday, October 30, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.

Don’t Miss Great American Christmas 2022

Great American Family’s Great American Christmas includes 18 network premieres, as well as 24/7 holiday content.

Don’t miss the premiere of Catering Christmas. This stars Daniel Lissing and Merritt Patterson. In this Christmas movie, Molly Frost (Patterson) is a caterer who needs a decent gig to help her new company survive.

Molly gets her wish when she gets the gig to cater the Harrison Foundation Christmas Gala. This is the biggest event in town and will give Molly a lot of great exposure. A successful event could lead to a steady flow of smaller events, helping her grow her business.

However, she is stuck working with the organizer’s nephew, Carson Jacob Harrison (Lissing). His last job was following celebrities and influencers and photographing them. What does he know about running an elegant gala?

Therefore, Molly is quite frosty toward Carson. It didn’t help that their meet-cute really embarrassed her as well.

Yet, somehow the ice thaws, and the two work together to make this event a success. Molly lets Carson know how important the Harrison Foundation is to their town. Moreover, he begins to learn that other people depend on him. Therefore, he needs to work hard to make this event a success.

But, can this unlikely pair find something more? you will have to watch to find out.

The premiere of Catering Christmas is on Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.



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