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Derek Hough Is ‘Heartbroken’ Over ‘DWTS’ Future — Why?

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Dancing With The Stars judge Derek Hough is generally known for being spirited and jovial. However, he’s really disheartened to learn that someone he admitted will never get a chance to compete on DWTS.

According to a recent interview, Derek revealed he was really hoping to get one celebrity guest to participate in the show. But now it will never happen. Who was it and what happened exactly? Keep reading for answers.

Derek Hough wishes DWTS would have reached out to this celebrity

Comedian Leslie Jordan tragically passed away this week after a car accident. Many people all over the country felt his passing, including current DWTS contestant Wayne Brady.

Leslie reportedly really wanted to be part of DWTS. Over a decade ago, he was even trying to get a petition going so he could participate. When Derek Hough found out about Leslie’s death and the old petition, he wished the comedian would have gotten his chance.

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert from Dancing With The Stars
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“His personality was so big, so grand and joyful and the show welcomes that. It actually breaks my heart right now,” the judge said after hearing the news. “I wish I would have known that, because we would have. Whenever I hear people like that who are vying to be on the show, I like to reach out and find ways that we can incorporate them somehow. Even if they’re not contestants.”

Leslie Jordan from Instagram
Leslie Jordan/Instagram

Derek’s best friend Michael Buble even got his own themed night on the show this season. Without a doubt, the Utah-native certainly would have found a way to get Leslie Jordan on the show. Fans agree he would have made a fantastic guest judge, at the very least.

“It breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to do that,” Derek said sadly.

Leslie Jordan touched so many lives during his career

Wayne Brady didn’t have a great week on DWTS during Michael Buble Night. Part of his performance was due to health issues, but he was also heartbroken over Leslie’s death.

“I was fortunate enough to interview Leslie during the pandemic [and] it was my first time getting to really meet him,” Wayne told ET this week. “I grew up on a lot of Leslie’s comedies, the sitcoms, he made great TikTok videos. Leslie made me happy. Leslie made millions of people happy, and at the end of the day, that is the biggest legacy that one can leave. So God bless you, Leslie, and thank you.”

Dancing With The Stars will present Halloween Night this Monday. The setlist is out now, so see what your favorite couples will perform to. The fun begins at 8 PM eastern time, so don’t forget to tune in and see what happens next.

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