‘SW’: Savanah Brown Embraces Looking Just Like Her Mama

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Sister Wives star Savanah Brown is really coming into her own as time goes by. The seventeen-year-old was always the quietest Brown child yet very logical. She seemed to get the short end of the stick on several occasions especially when it came to her father, Kody. When she was learning to drive, it was her mother, Janelle who handled all of the lessons. Kody was too busy teaching Robyn’s daughter, Breanna, the rules of the road which was definitely a slap in the face. Nevertheless, Savanah has thrived in the face of adversity and appears to have come out much stronger. Her bond with Janelle is extremely sweet and now Savanah is excited over something special that the two ladies share. Read on for more details.

Savanah Brown Embraces Being Her Mother’s Mini Me

Janelle’s sister wife, Christine has always been called out for her daughters being her minis. Now, Savanah is truly embracing how much she looks like her mama. Last weekend, the family gathered for Janelle’s eldest child, Logan’s wedding. They were all thrilled to gather together for such a momentous occasion and a lot of photos were snapped. One, in particular, showed Janelle and Savanah sitting next to one another. Savanah posted it to her Instagram and commented about how much they truly do look alike.

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In the snap, the two ladies are posing and are all smiles at their table. Over the photo, Savanah congratulates her brother, Logan, and his bride, Michelle Petty. She then goes on to say: “but in other news have you guys SEEN how much I look like my mom? @janellebrown117. You actually said copy and paste when I was born.” It is so sweet how much she appreciates the family resemblance and actually points it out. Some kids her age avoid any comparisons to their parents. Yet, Savanah is embracing this and Janelle loved it so much, she posted it in her story, as well.

A New Life For The Girls

As viewers have seen, Savanah Brown and Janelle have been embarking on a new life journey. For the summer of 2021, Janelle opted to buy an RV after her rental was sold. She could have put in a bid on it but felt the money would be better used on Coyote Pass, their large lot of land. This also was where she would park the RV. Savanah will be the only one of her children staying there but her siblings were not so kind about the living arrangements.

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While giving a tour, Robyn’s children mocked Savanah’s sleeping area and seemed to turn their noses up at the RV. Easy for them to do since they live in a secure mansion. Still, Savanah seemed to be proud of her living situation and ready to take on whatever challenges were ahead. She was doing this as a team with her mother and that was the most important part.

Do you think Savanah Brown looks just like her mother? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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