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‘Sister Wives’ What Was Kody Brown’s Biggest Fallacy?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown tries to get people to believe what he wants them to. It is often so that his ego is not bruised and he can feel like he is right. Of course, he oftentimes comes off sounding unhinged. While discussing the custody of Truely with Christine, he tried to convince his ex-wife that their daughter could become the property of the state. Admittedly, he was scared and wanted to make sure he did not get “screwed” in the process. However, his use of manipulation tactics has reached an all-time high. Yet, in all seventeen seasons and almost thirteen years of this show, what has been Kody’s biggest fallacy? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown’s Biggest Fallacy Revealed

Fans do not like or trust Kody. They do not even blame it on editing anymore but rather feel this is just who he is. A Reddit thread was started to discuss the father of eighteen’s biggest mistake. It dates back to Season 1, Episode 2, and clearly, Christine was not completely ready for a new wife. “If it took a year he should’ve waited a year. Christine’s feelings should’ve been prioritized over the new romance. Kody and Meri jumped the gun without any consideration for the other 2 wives and how they felt. Christine hadn’t even met Robyn yet Kody was already giddy and falling for her?!” the thread began.

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Kody was so enamored by Robyn and falling quite hard that he never took the time to think about Christine’s feelings. Another Redditor added: “Meri befriended Robyn first, then green lighted Kody. They, the three of them vowed to keep this between them, and not say anything to Janelle or Christine. This was a disaster from day one.” It was also noted that maybe they needed a fourth wife to get onto the show. There are a lot of elements to this situation.

Breaking It All Down

It was said in the first episode that if a polygamist man is in a funk, get him another wife. That was apparently what Kody Brown needed. However, he did disregard Christine’s feelings a lot, and not just when he did not take adding a new wife into consideration. He was all over Robyn during the courting phase, staying away at Robyn’s for extended periods of time, all while Christine was carrying his thirteenth child. The belief was that if they brought Robyn in, it would complete the family. First, they had to fix what may have been broken at home.

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Since Robyn joined in, nothing has been right and all of the issues, though they went to therapy, still fly by the wayside. It is truly very sad that Kody has chosen to favor Robyn and her kids over his other wives and their needs. Meri and Janelle accepted her in, Christine was trepidatious and now it seems she had a great instinct. Now, Kody is depressed and it was the biggest fallacy he sold his family.

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