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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Own Words Bite Her In The Back?

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Sister Wives fans have a newfound respect for Christine Brown. Since she stood up for herself and her children, it seems like she has become the favorite wife. For years, she was very meek, jealous, and somewhat whiny. Now, standing up for herself has given her an amazing power no one saw coming. However, the family had written a book many years back and it appears some of her words are coming back to haunt her. What did she say? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Doesn’t Mean What She Says?

When the Sister Wives wrote the book, Becoming Sister Wives, they all had a piece of the puzzle. Each wife and Kody shared their perspective and what it was like courting and marrying into the family. A Reddit thread was started over a part of the book where Kody is sharing his experience with marrying Christine. Apparently, she said that she had regretted waiting until their wedding day to have their first kiss. She went on to make him promise he would kiss his next wife prior to saying their vows. That is just what he did with his fourth wife Robyn.

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As viewers are well aware, Christine was not happy that Robyn and Kody sealed their engagement with a kiss. Yet, this is exactly what she supposedly wanted. Some fans did jump to Christine’s defense: “Just because she said he should kiss a woman before marrying her, didn’t mean she thought he should make out with her while she (Christine) was in the hospital in labor.” Others think that the book is just filled with lies.

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Yet, another noted: “I think it was Christine’s way of saying that she regrets not having more of a romance/courtship before they got married, but because she’s not allowed to complain she expressed it in a way he might hear it. When she said that, she didn’t think there would actually be another wife, so it probably felt safe to frame it that way.”

Better Off In The End?

The truth is that Christine Brown and Kody were having problems prior to him and Robyn getting engaged, maybe before she came along. She cited their issues really began when she was pregnant with Truely and she had to work at night. This left Aspyn, still a little kid, to put her siblings to bed. When she enlisted Kody for some help, he declined and that was enough for her. It also did not help that he had blatantly told her that he was not attracted to her. Now, she has found her freedom in Utah and can do whatever she pleases. It seems he has some remorse but it’s out of his hands.

Do you think Christine Brown really cared about the kiss in the long run? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Yes I believe the kiss did matter! She a current wife in labor with your child, you should have been there!!! So , you started off with Robin putting her above other wives needs!! JS

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