Kris Jenner Crumbles To Tears, Orders Hulu Cameras To Leave

Kris Jenner - Youtube

The latest episode of The Kardashians was hard for fans of Kris Jenner to watch as the matriarch of the reality TV family crumbled to tears and lashed out in pain while having her stitches removed. Things became so painful and emotional for Kris Jenner that the matriarch of the family ordered Hulu’s cameras to get out of the room.

Kris Jenner orders cameras to leave

As those who have been following the Hulu series know, Kris Jenner recently had an intense hip replacement surgery. During this painful scene of the series, it was time for her stitches to be removed. Kris opted to have the stitches removed from the comfort of her own home. Her supportive boyfriend Corey Gamble remained by her the entire time. Kris’ orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jason Snibbe, made a special home visit to get things done.

Kris Jenner looked incredible as she rocked a pair of red leopard print pajamas that hugged her figure in all the right places. Kris proceeded to yank her bottoms down as she got comfortable on the bed inside her home gym

Kris Jenner | Youtube
Kris Jenner | Youtube

The reality TV matriarch proceeded to look directly into the Hulu cameras before telling them to go away because they didn’t need to watch what happened next. While the cameras did obey Kris and averted viewers’ eyes, she was still wearing a microphone. So, viewers were able to hear what came next during this painful scene.

Kris Jenner could be heard groaning in pain as her screams echoed through the entire house.  The reality Tv personality belted out the loudest groan during the final stitch with the surgeon later admitted was a bit tricky because it got stuck. Several of the dogs were filmed getting extremely anxious and barking during the uncomfortable screaming.

Kris Jenner - YouTube - Hulu
Kris Jenner – YouTube – Hulu

Crumbles to tears

Fighting back tears, Kris Jenner later reminded viewers that she brought six children into the world and didn’t cry once during any of those painful births. Sitting on the edge of her bed, Kris Jenner crumbled to tears as she spoke to a producer. “It’s such a mindf**k, such a mindf**k. It’s gonna be okay,” she muttered before being asked what she was feeling.

Sometimes you just feel defeated, but I feel really good today. It’s just emotional, the whole thing is emotional. There are some days that are painful, I’m not gonna lie, that have been a struggle to get though a night.”

Kris Jenner continued to speak as Corey leaned over to give a supportive peck on her neck: “I don’t understand why I’m crying. Some days are just more emotional than others. It’s had to explain but I’m getting there.”

In a different scene during a confessional, Kris admitted she was “relieved” that she finally had control of her life again and could get back to doing things she loved.

Was it hard for you to watch Kris Jenner in so much pain during his scene of The Kardashians? Do you understand why she didn’t want the cameras filming her during this moment? Let us know if you made it through this scene and what you thought in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Kardashian and Jenner news.

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