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Fans Disturbed By Lisa Rinna’s ‘Creepy’ Husband Harry Hamlin

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Harry Hamlin gave fans the creeps. Lisa Rinna always warned people not to mention her husband. However, her fans can’t help but bring him up — especially with a recent Instagram post. Some of them are “disturbed” by the photo and find him “creepy.”

Lisa Rinna’s husband called into question

Fans are not happy with Harry Hamlin. They accused him of taking a “provocative” photo of his daughter, Delilah Hamlin. The photo took place at New York Fashion Week in September. However, it’s made the rounds on social media this week. The photo in question shows the Flowers in the Attic: The Origin star with his arm around Delilah’s waist.

Harry Hamlin With Amelia & Delilah [Instagram]
Harry stood close to his daughter while he nuzzled her face. Delilah rocked a different look. She debuted her new red hair at the fashion event. She also wore a sheer black top and a matching skirt with knee-high boots. The model gave a seductive look into the camera.

Some fans think the father-and-daughter duo looks more like a couple. Harry and Delilah also posed with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna at the event. She wore a white maxi dress as she posed between her husband and her 24-year-old daughter. Yet, fans are not over that photo of the 70-year-old actor pressed up against his daughter.

Bravo fan account I Live for Bravo shared the photo on its Instagram feed. They wrote in the caption: “Delilah Belle Hamlin and Harry Hamlin are causing a massive cringe wave out here.” Fans took to the comment section to react to the photo. Most agreed that the two looked too close for comfort.

  • “This is not how I pose with my dad.”
  • “Looks a bit too intimate.”
  • “Woah!!!! That’s truly disturbing.”
  • “Ummmmm……🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • “This is just wrong.”
  • “Sooo cringe.😢

Other fans called the Mad Men alum “creepy” and “incestuous.” They wanted to know why Harry Hamlin posed with his daughter like that. Others accused the family of being “sick and twisted” behind the scenes. Several more called the viral photo “bizarre” and “uncomfortable.”

Harry Hamlin called “creepy” by fans

There were some who argued what was “wrong” with the photo. They think they were only hamming it up for the cameras because Harry Hamlin is an actor and Delilah is a model. Others accused the duo of taking the photo for controversial reasons. Lisa Rinna was recently under fire for featuring Delilah and Amelia Hamlin in a provocative Rinna Beauty ad.

Some fans were disturbed by those photos as well. They were creeped out by a shot of Lisa and Amelia straddling the same motorcycle and making a sexy pose. Harry Hamlin’s daughters were also accused of being extremely close with one another. They previously admitted on Instagram that they share underwear.

What are your thoughts on Harry Hamlin’s photo with Delilah? Do you agree that it’s too close for comfort? Or, do you think people are taking it out of context? Sound off below in the comment section.

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