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Danielle Maltby Shares Feelings About Bonding With Michael Allio

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A strong connection has quickly formed between Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby on Bachelor in Paradise. She entered the show right after Michael had ended things with Sierra Jackson. Fortunately, since she was considered a new woman on the beach she didn’t have to participate in leaving while others came in. One thing she and Michael talked about was their experiences with loss. Now, Danielle is opening up about that bond between them.

Danielle Maltby opened up about her shared bond with Michael Allio

Bachelor Nation shared what Danielle Maltby had to say on the Talking it Out With Bachelor Nation about her bond with Michael Allio. Both of them have been through tremendous loss. Danielle’s fiance passed away and fans know Michael lost his wife Laura to cancer.

She revealed that she instantly felt at ease with Michael when she met him on the beach. Danielle said, “You can’t get it if you haven’t been in a situation like this. It’s a weird balance to feel so much nuance and layers to the grieving process and it’s different with every relationship. We just can’t judge people, especially those in these kinds of situations.”

During her time with Michael she shared a song lyric with him that has kept her going. The lyric is “I lit a fire with the love you left behind.”

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Danielle explained to Mike Johnson what this means to her. She said, “Music is so powerful and can really put you in a mood. When I was driving, I heard that song for the first time and I really felt the song everywhere in my body. That line specifically had me hooked immediately. It just felt like it truly honored everything that I felt in that moment of where I was and how far I’ve come and everything I still wanted to do with my life.”

It became a mantra for her.

Danielle talks about how she bettered herself

Along with talking about the bond she shares with Michael, Danielle talked about how she has bettered herself. A patient asked her once if she was who she wanted to meet. She realized she wasn’t.

She said journaling helps her a lot in sorting through her feelings. Danielle said journaling has been very therapeutic.

She also said that therapy is helping her a lot. She goes twice a month and has been going for a little more than a year now.

Danielle seems ready for love. Will she and Michael be able to make things work?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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