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Pat Sajak Scoffs At Contestant’s Amazing Wedding Story

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Pat Sajak scoffed at the contestant’s amazing wedding story. In the latest broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, he called out the player who revealed that she had a pirate-themed wedding. This comes amid the ever-growing criticism over his behavior. Read on to learn more.

Scoffs at WoF player’s story?

Pat Sajak scoffed at a player during Tuesday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune. Val from Denver, Colorado opened up about her wedding. She admitted that they had an unconventional ceremony. Val and her husband wanted to have a pirate-themed couple.

They also have an unconventional marriage. The couple does improv together. It’s clear that they like to have fun together. Val told Pat Sajak about their fun wedding theme, which was inspired by a cruise they went on.

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“Speaking of funny things with my husband, we did a pirate sunset cruise — that’s how we got engaged,” Val explained. “So on the way back home we thought what if we had a pirate wedding? And we told our parents that when we got home and [were] met with a lot of blank faces.”

The pair went all out for their wedding. Val shared that they had “swords, helm wheels,” and “everything” else in between. Pat Sajak shared his thoughts on their unique wedding idea. He wanted to know if they also carried a parrot on their shoulder.

WoF Player Val [YouTube]
Val confirmed that they didn’t have any “live animals” at their wedding. The game show host scoffed at the idea. Pat didn’t seem impressed with the concept. He sarcastically said: “Good to have you here, I think.”

Pat Sajak calls Val a “show off” during the bonus round

During the game, Pat Sajak didn’t hold back on his feelings about Val. She made her way to the bonus round. Val chose “Phrase,” which only had five letters in the puzzle. The TV host said it looked like it might be “challenging.” However, Val immediately guessed it as: “Make it Quick.”

“Could you make it quicker?” Pat Sajak sarcastically said.

Val solved the puzzle before the 10-second timer started. He opened the gold bonus envelope, which revealed that she won $40k for a total of $54k. Pat jokingly called Val a “show off.”

Val & Pat Sajak [YouTube]
He didn’t look happy about this win. Once again, the former newscaster told the winner to “Get out of here.” Val walked away, unsure of Pat Sajak’s reaction. He assured her he really didn’t mean it. This made for an awkward end to a wonderful game of Wheel of Fortune.

This comes amid the calls for Pat Sajak to get fired from the show. Viewers aren’t happy with his on-screen behavior. Others noticed that he makes inappropriate comments and looks bored most of the time. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. These people complaining need to get a life. Thanks to the internet people see Pat doing such as this. I have watched WOF since it began. He has always been like this with the joking and remarks. Trust me, if people were really offended we would have heard of it before now.

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