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Is Jessie James Decker Actually Happy About Leaving ‘DWTS’?

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Country music sensation Jessie James Decker may be incredibly comfortable singing on stage, but dancing is an entirely different matter. For several weeks now, she’s been having a bit of trouble with her routines. Now that the competition is really heating up, she and her partner Alan Bersten had been hovering near the bottom of the leaderboard. At the end of Michael Buble Night, the judges sent them home.

Now that their journey in the ballroom has come to an end, Jessie has some time to reflect. The singer doesn’t regret her time on DWTS at all, but it seems like she’s really glad to be headed home.

Is she actually happy that she’s out of the competition? Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Jessie James Decker is choosing to look on the bright side right now

DWTS fans know that the country music singer was having some personal issues in the ballroom. During Disney+ Night, she admitted that she was having a lot of emotional blocks and trouble rehearsing in the ballroom. Competing on DWTS means that contestants have to spend a lot of time away from their families, and Jessie has three kids at home.

Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten from Instagram
Jessie James Decker & Alan Bersten/Instagram

But there are some silver linings. Jessie is really excited to see her family again.

“Obviously it was a disappointment because I wanted to keep trucking along, but everything’s meant to be,” the singer said to the press after Monday night’s episode concluded. “I’ve been struggling with [the competition], and this past week, Alan knows, this was just heavy on my heart. I couldn’t help it, but the first thing that popped in my mind was, ‘Well, the silver lining is I get to be home for trick or treating.’ That was something that was very important to my kids.”

Jessie James Decker, family, and Alan Bersten from Instagram
Jessie Jamer Decker/Instagram

When all is said and done, Jessie James Decker is proud of herself for making it as far as she did in the competition. She did make it to the top 10, after all.

“This was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done before. Such a big challenge, but I’m grateful for it and I’m proud of how far I’ve come,” the singer continued. “I honestly didn’t even think I’d make it this far … over halfway through the season. I mean, that was an accomplishment to me.”

The top nine couples battle it out on Halloween Night

Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten may be done for the season, but there’s going to be a lot more to enjoy on Dancing With The Stars this coming week.

The October 31 episode will be Halloween Night! The set list isn’t available for the public yet but will be shortly. Check back with TV Shows Ace soon to see which routines the top nine will perform when Monday night rolls around. You really won’t want to miss out on any DWTS news and updates, so stay tuned.

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