It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’s ‘Christmas On Mistletoe Lake’

Used with Lifetime's permission

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime is back with Christmas On Mistletoe Lake. This is a quaint story that takes place around a Christmas Harbor Festival and all the glittering lights on the boats.

This holiday movie stars Corey Sevier (Noel Next Door, Pumpkin Everything), Genelle Williams (The Perfect Pairing, Family Law), Hattie Kragten (The Solutioneers, Book Hungry Bears), Jane Moffat (Christmas In Toyland, Christmas Plus One), Brandon Ludwig (The Dunner, A Candlelit Christmas), Maher El Hares (Slumberland, Take Note), Farah Foster-Manning (What We Do In The Shadows, Murder Wall), Mabrouka Ghanmi, Carl Hines (Mayor Of Kingstown, Coroner), Hillary Kerr, and Adnan Perwez (Ride Home).

Robin Dunne wrote (The Enchanted Christmas Cake, A Snowy Christmas) and directed (Making Scents Of Love, Magical Christmas Shoes) Christmas On Mistletoe.

Here are more details about Christmas On Mistletoe Lake.

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

What Is Lifetime’s Christmas On Mistletoe Lake About?

According to The Futon Critic, top interior designer Reilly Shore (Williams) always goes to a new destination every Christmas. She picks a spot on the map and heads off. This year, she is headed to Mistletoe Lake, a place she has wanted to visit for a long time. She has heard of the town’s Christmas Harbor Lake Festival, with the boats all festooned in bright lights and ornaments.

However, Mistletoe Lake is short on accommodations. There is only one bed and breakfast, and this spot is plum full. What can she do now?

Thankfully, she became friendly with 12-year-old Emma (Kragten). She has an idea. Emma suggests that Reilly stay on her dad’s boat. When they get to the boat, Reilly meets Emma’s dad, Raymond Mitchell (Sevier). Raymond and Reilly already had their meet-cute earlier, but he warmly welcomes her to stay.

Sadly, while staying on the boat Reilly learns that Raymond is not decorating his boat. That is because she is selling it. Therefore, he cannot decorate something that could be in a new owner’s possession. But, Emma has other ideas. She asks Reilly to help her design a festive theme for the boat and to give it some Christmas charm.

Emma just wants just one more Christmas on Mistletoe Lake. Can Reilly make it happen?

Christmas On Mistletoe Lake-Lifetime-
Christmas On Mistletoe Lake-Lifetime-

When Can You Watch Christmas On Mistletoe Lake?

The premiere of Christmas On Mistletoe Lake is on Thursday, November 10, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

It's A Wonderful Lifetime-
It’s A Wonderful Lifetime-

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Kicks Off With Jodie Sweetin!

Ready for more Christmas? It’s A Wonderful Lifetime 2022 kicks off on Saturday, November 5 with Merry Swissmas. This holiday movie stars Jodie Sweetin and Tim Rozon.

In this movie, Jodie portrays Alex, an architect, who visits Switzerland for her mom’s bed and breakfast grand opening. However, in attendance is her old boyfriend and her ex-best friend. They are now a couple and Alex is upset.

However, things start to turn around when Alex hangs out with Liam (Rozon), the manager of her mom’s new place. He takes her around to celebrate Swiss holiday traditions.

Can Alex learn to forgive and love again?

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