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‘GMA’ Michael Strahan Reveals Intimate Hygiene Details With Fans


GMA’s very own Michael Strahan has an in-depth pre-work hygiene routine. He shared all of the details with his fans on his Instagram during a “this or that?” video he made. Apparently, this is the new hot train celebs are jumping on so Strahan decided to give it a whirl. Of course, he dealt with the more basic questions. Then, they got a little steamier and he held nothing back, especially when it came to how he preps before he goes on the air. Read on for more details of his Instagram tell-all.

Michael Strahan Takes Fans Intimately Into His Morning

According to The Sun, a lot of fans were curious about Michael’s showering habits. They needed to know if he showers and gets his clothes right on or if he lounges in his pajamas. He happens to be the kind who showers and changes. Then, they obviously wanted to know if he actually uses his skincare line, Daily Defense. There are five products in the line, including a face/beard wash, shaving lotion, calming post-shave balm, moisturizer, and beard oil. To the question, Michael responded: “I use Daily Defense in the morning and at night. And actually during the day. I take three showers a day.”


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Yes, that may have been a little more personal information than some initially bargained for. However, Michael was being both transparent and promotional. He also was fairly open when it came to his nighttime routine in another posting. It was actually quite sweet and far less intimate than his morning. “The last thing I do before going to bed, outside of brushing my teeth, which may not be together, but they’re clean is, I say my prayers.”

Fans Love Him

After doing the “this or that?” on Instagram, Michael Strahan wanted to hear his follower’s answers. Then, when he shared his nighttime routine, he seemed to be even more beloved by his fans. They really appreciated his openness, honesty, and charm. “Thank you! I love you so much Michael – the total package: kind, smart, and sexy,” one commented. Another added: “Always to low keyed and humble…Love you from the beginning…” That was followed up by: “You’re one of the good ones!”

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It’s clear that Michael’s fans adore him for a variety of reasons and these segments just added to his charm. Hopefully, more celebrities will do them as they are a lot of fun and reveal a lot. Does this make you like Michael Strahan more? Let us know your thoughts and catch him on GMA weekday mornings.

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