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Christine Brown Shocks With New Tiny Body In Tight Clothes

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In addition to dropping 180 pounds of toxic dead weight, Christine Brown also appears to have lost a dramatic amount of weight in the past year. Sister Wives fans really zoned in on the dramatic weight loss in her recent Instagram photos and agreed that being single looks great on Christine. Moreover, the TLC personality looks to be increasingly more comfortable in showcasing her physique in super tight clothing than she ever was while she was with Kody.

Christine Brown’s dramatic weight loss in super tight clothing

Sister Wives fans were taken aback by how incredible Christine looked in the extra-tight dress she wore to Logan and Michelle Petty’s wedding. The snug dress highlighted her flat stomach and put her perky bosom on full display. Sister Wives fans jested that Kody Brown was likely punching the air after seeing how hot his sexy ex-wife looked in that gorgeous dark blue dress.

She’s also wearing tight t-shirts

The Sister Wives star also showed a video clip of herself rocking a skintight blue top and plaid bottoms that were so tight they looked like they were painted on her skin. There was a caption plastered across the picture that read “How I did it…” Assumably, the video and caption spilled details on how Christine managed to drop a dramatic amount of weight.

Check out the video down below:


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Those that have been following her for a while knew the video would be about the weight loss product several members of this TLC family have been pushing for a while. Some fans, however, argue the product shouldn’t get all the credit as dumping Kody Brown likely did wonders for her health.

Here’s what some Sister Wives fans have had to say about Christine’s much slimmer frame:

  • “Shedding what’s been toxic in your life will do that for your health.”
  • “Dang Christine got her groove back for sure!!!”
  • “Amazing what losing the weight of a man who was not lifting your spirit will do for a woman’s well being.”
  • “You both look amazing!! Continue to find joy and happiness in all you do, both of you ladies deserve it! Continued blessings to both of you and your children!”

An overwhelming number of fans reveal their biggest hope is that Janelle Brown, who has also lost an impressive amount of weight, will also leave Kody. At the end of the day, fans hope to see Kody Brown alone with Robyn or with no wives at all.

Do you agree that Christine Brown has lost an incredible amount of weight? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Good for you,Christine.
    I’m so happy you left that narcissistic person. Maybe all the other wives will leave him and he’ll be with the only one he seems to want,she will deserve what she’s going to get.

  2. Christine looks great! Not only has she lost weight her skin is glowing. Getting out of that toxic relationship is doing her wonders.

  3. I’m so glad to see her leave that narcissist non-toxic person who made his children feel so unwanted he just was about he’s self he’s needs and wants and to not be there for your child’s surgery because of COVID-19 your truly an ass god be with you Cristina and your daughter

  4. I would take everything and leave Cody with what he deserves. Nothing except his marriage to Robbin. I hope the IRS gets involved but I highly dought it!

  5. Good for you Christine I have always enjoyed your honesty I bet you wished you have made this move years ago your children will admire your strength and candour what a mother and role model good luck 🤞

  6. Christine lead the way hopefully Mary & Jenelle will follow & let Robin have Kody if he’s the prize I would want to be in last place.Your the winner for having the guts to walk away & it’s unbelievable he expected you to leave with nothing what sell your home & give the $$;to Robin & him,he is a total Ass.take the $$ & your kids enjoy life, his big worry you find a gold digging boyfriend (idiot)that special someone will find you,Kody beware all your wrongs are going to be set right don’t be surprised if you end up on that mountain alone if Robin stays than she wins the prize a real Loser.Run
    Mary&Jenelle catch up to Christine
    What a party you 3 could have.🎉🎈

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