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Bear Brown Teases Big Announcement On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

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The teaser for this weekend’s Alaskan Bush People makes it look like the episode will answer two very important questions. In the clip, Bear Brown and his wife Raiven call Ami over to the house and then say they have a big surprise for her.

Here is a look at what this surprise should be and what it means about Bear and Raiven’s story on Alaskan Bush People this season.

What will the Bear Brown announcement be on Alaskan Bush People?

Bear Brown and Raiven

This is clearly a good news announcement for Alaskan Bush People. If it is big enough news to spring on Ami Brown, there is really only one thing it could be. This is likely the week that Bear Brown lets his mom know that he and Raiven are pregnant with their second child. This also means the show will jump ahead a few weeks from the third episode.

The show started three weeks after Bear Brown and Raiven married. There have been three weeks, and it is clear that time is passing because Birdie had surgery and has gone to Alaska with Noah since the start of the season. Raiven and Bear, meanwhile, have moved up the mountain and are settling in.

The conception was in March, so if this is the pregnancy news, that means the show has already moved ahead almost two months since the first episode. While this announcement could be a red herring, there is little else that could be this important. They wouldn’t be telling Ami about Bear’s new way of washing clothes by driving them in a barrel down the bumpy roads.

What about Bear’s arrest?

Bear Brown

This also tells us one more thing. They are likely going to gloss over Bear Brown’s arrest. Bear was arrested just one month after he married Raiven on domestic abuse charges. He spent the weekend in jail and the judge issued a no-contact order against him. However, Raiven requested the order be lifted and Bear returned home after the weekend.

The pregnancy happened just a few weeks later. Alaskan Bush People has always been a show about a family living off the grid. However, it is also a show about positive family values, and there were always questions about whether Bear’s arrest would play out on the show, or if Discovery Channel would ignore it and only show the more positive aspects of the Brown family.

When Matt Brown got into his legal problems, Alaskan Bush People ignore him and then eventually fired him from the show. Matt has not returned, even when his dad died last year. If this teaser is about the pregnancy, expect the show to ignore Bear Brown’s indiscretions.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People will completely ignore bear Brown’s arrest? Is that a good decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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