Andy Cohen Admits Fault For ‘RHOBH’ Season 12 Reunion?

Andy Cohen Wears Black Shiny Suit [Andy Cohen | Instagram]

Andy Cohen has been faced with backlash. He was accused of favoritism after fans noted the way he handled a particular segment on part two of the three-part RHOBH Season 12 reunion. Last week, the host asked Erika Jayne why she threw Garcelle Beauvais’ memoir in the trash. The Bravo star shared the clip on her Instagram Story.

However, Lisa Rinna admitted that she was the one who threw it out. Andy gaggled with both Erika and Lisa as they recalled the story. He even made it seem light-hearted as they talked about their group chat that Garcelle is not part of. Andy asked Lisa about recycling instead of siding with Garcelle. The host admits fault for how it was handled.

Andy Cohen Holds Questions For RHOBH Season 12 Reunion [Andy Cohen | Instagram]
[Andy Cohen | Instagram]

The Bravo host is still learning

Andy Cohen broke his silence since he received backlash from fans. They accused him of sidestepping Garcelle’s feelings about her book ending up in the trash. She broke down in tears as he spoke to Erika and Lisa about it. Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took to Twitter to call out Andy and now he’s talking about it.

“Everybody’s been talking about the Beverly Hills reunion,” Andy Cohen said on the Monday, October 24 episode of his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live. “And I just want to stay, I’ve been listening to everyone’s feedback about the reunion, and I really need to sincerely apologize, not only for diverting the topic but for not returning to the serious conversation that was at hand.”

He said he’s still learning and is listening to the feedback. Andy says he has a “deep admiration for Garcelle.” He even reached out to the actress after the episode. The two had a “really good, productive conversation” about the situation. He admitted his faults in the latest broadcast of his radio show.

“I should’ve been more in tune with her feelings,” Andy Cohen continued. “I just wanted to say that because I’ve been logging in [to social media] and I get it.”

Andy Cohen met with backlash

During Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH, Andy Cohen was met with backlash for his behavior. Instead of regarding Garcelle’s feelings, he gossiped with Erika and Lisa about the book revelation. He even joked about the Days of Our Lives star’s recycling habits.

Meanwhile, Garcelle sat there quietly as tears streamed down her face. Fans took to Twitter to express shock and dismay over that scene. Many of them called out Andy Cohen for his behavior. Others accused him of favoritism, which he didn’t address on his radio show.

Garcelle Beauvais, Andy Cohen, Boy George & Dorit Kemsley [Andy Cohen | Instagram]
[Andy Cohen | Instagram]
“Bravo, please get another host for the reunions. Andy Cohen isn’t even trying to hide his favoritism anymore. And the way he treated Garcelle was absolutely disgusting,” one fan wrote. ”

“Please get an unbiased host!” another added.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, RHOBH fans have been calling for Bravo to put Andy Cohen “on pause” after that scene. They also noticed when he applauded Lisa Rinna’s Instagram post, in which she called herself the “biggest bully in Hollywood” — a title originally coined by Kathy Hilton. What are your thoughts on Andy’s apology? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I T H O U G H T I LIKED ANDY . . . and then I just read this!!! True colors taint my view of him forever!!! If you can’t be unbiased. . ,you NEVER WILL BE ANDY!!! You got caught with your DIRTIEST SECRET SHOWING!

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