Todd Chrisley Uses Humor To Cope With Unexpected Death

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Todd Chrisley turned to his love for humor and comedy as he sought relief from the pain of a sudden and unexpected death. According to his somber Instagram post, the reality TV star was forced to say goodbye to a dear friend. Todd noted the world was a little darker yesterday. He proceeded to weave a tiny bit of humor into his post that his 2.3M followers assumed was his way of coping with the pain.

Todd Chrisley uses humor to cope with unexpected death

As TvShowsAce reported yesterday, Call Me Kat star Leslie Jordan passed away at the age of 67. The actor’s death was sudden and unexpected. He was driving his BMW when he was believed to have had a medical emergency that caused him to crash into the wall of a building near an intersection in Hollywood.

While many celebrities took to Instagram to mourn the passing of this great actor, Todd Chrisley referred to Leslie Jordan as his “friend” suggesting that he may have had some sort of friendship with the actor.

The world just got a lot darker today, fly high my friend, finally you can look down on everyone versus looking up. You are the epitome of kindness and I will think of you often and love you always.”

Todd Chrisley’s somber post included a beautiful headshot of the actor which you can see attached down below:


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Instagram showers Todd with love and support

At this time, Todd Chrisley still has his comments on Instagram limited. So, only preapproved individuals are able to leave comments on his posts at this point in time. For the most part, this is reserved for friends and family members of the reality TV star. Despite the limited comments, those who responded to the post lifted Todd with thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Most agreed that the death of Leslie Jordan was absolutely tragic.

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At a loss for words, most of his followers left nothing but sad emojis and hearts in the comment section of the Instagram post.

At this point in time, details surrounding Leslie Jordan’s cause of death have not been made public. So, fans of the actor aren’t sure if the medical emergency ended his life or the injuries sustained from the car crash.

Rest in peace, Leslie Jordan.

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