Ryan Seacrest Turns Fans On While Cooking In ‘Sexy Wear’

Ryan Seacrest [Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]

Ryan Seacrest turned fans on while cooking in “sexy wear.” The American Idol alum gave fans a glimpse at his home life and weekend activities. He recently recovered from his first bout with COVID-19. The 47-year-old had fans drooling over him as he wore the most basic lounge clothes.

However, fans love seeing this side of the television personality. They’re used to seeing Ryan in a suit while hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan and AI. Lately, he’s been rocking a scruffy look with sweatpants. Read on to check out his latest Instagram post and to see the fan reaction.

Ryan Seacrest [Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]

Ryan Seacrest shows off a “sexy” home look

In his latest Instagram post, Ryan Seacrest wore a black long-sleeve shirt with black and white pajama pants. He wanted to show off his impressive baking skills. However, his fans were more into his at-home look. Ryan ditched his typical workwear attire for something more comfortable.

He had a fixing for roasted squash and other delicious treats. The television host showed off the results of his dish on Instagram. On Monday, October 24, Ryan Seacrest posted a clip of him making the squash. He also got tempted and wanted some cuisine in New York City.

Ryan Seacrest Shows Off Cuisine [Ryan Seacrest | Instagram]
[Ryan Seacrest | Instagram]
“Weekend recap (obviously it revolved around food). Gave into temptation and tried the gluten-free almond cannoli at Trattoria Dell’Arte,” Ryan Seacrest wrote in his Instagram post. “Went to MoMA and saw the ‘Two Cheeseburgers, with Everything’ by Claes Oldenburg. And I made my ‘Farmers Market Fun Fall Squash.'”

In his Instagram post, Ryan shared what makes his baked squash so special. He uses garlic cloves, parsley thyme, and some extra virgin olive oil. Before he bakes the squash, he cleans the seeds and puts them in the slow cooker for two hours at 250 degrees. Ryan embraced his inner foodie this weekend as he’s finally recovering from the virus.

Fans are gushing over the foodie

Ryan Seacrest had fans gushing over his looks in that Instagram post. He even showed off that look when he dined out at the establishments this weekend. Some fans loved seeing this side of him. However, there were some who were more into the food.

  • “It’s the sweats and slippers for me.”
  • “Ok, this is sexy.”
  • “Love Ryan out of a suit.”
  • “That looks amazing.”
  • “As a cannoli junkie. These look amaze.”
  • Quite the chef‼️ love butternut squash everything.

This comes after Ryan Seacrest shared photos of his humble abode. Fans were in shock to find that he lives a simple life even though he’s successful. Some would say that his home life is surprisingly relatable. Ryan returned to Live with Kelly and Ryan last Monday after he recovered from COVID.

Ryan Seacrest Becomes A Foodie [Ryan Seacrest | Instagram]
[Ryan Seacrest | Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Ryan Seacrest’s latest Instagram post? Are you shocked to see his foodie side? Do you like it when he’s not wearing a suit? Sound off below in the comment section.

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