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Reality Steve Confirms Victoria Fuller Rumors With Video


Reality Steve put out some hefty rumors to Bachelor Nation over the weekend. The rumors involve Victoria Fuller who is currently on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. When he released his first set of information he pointed out that some of it could not be proven 100%. Now, one day later, Steve is sharing a video that confirms at least some of the rumors to be true. Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers for BIP Season 8 ahead. 

Reality Steve confirms Victoria Fuller rumors

It’s been a crazy few days in Bachelor Nation. Reality Steve released information about Victoria Fuller yesterday that was shocking. He had already shared that she does get engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. She accepts a proposal from Johnny DePhillipo.

However, according to Steve and Dave Neal, there is trouble in paradise for this couple. Steve had reported receiving DM’s stating that Victoria and Johnny had ended their engagement back in September.

He had no proof so he didn’t report it. Now, he seemingly has solid proof and even more so now with today’s new video. The other part of the rumor was that Victoria has been dating Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. 

He heard rumblings of this a few weeks ago but no solid proof. He was sent a video and a photo that fans had claimed to have seen Victoria with Greg in Rome, Italy and also in Capri. The video did not show either Victoria or Greg. The photo was from behind and too hard to tell.

Victoria Fuller, Instagram

Today, Steve shared he has confirmation. He put the first tweet out this evening saying, “(SPOILER NOW CONFIRMED): Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo in Rome today near the Trevi fountain. Video coming soon.”

He then tweeted the video which can see seen below. Steve said, “(VIDEO): Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo near the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy earlier this morning.”

Other parts of the rumor and fan reaction

The other part of the initial rumor was that Victoria had cheated on Johnny with Greg not once but twice. This was not proven and is purely speculation at this point. However, Dave Neal said he had inside sources confirming it to be true.

As far as fans reacting to this new video shared by Reality Steve, fans are shocked. However, many are wondering if Victoria was really seeing Greg pre-show. Some can’t understand how they’d jet off to Rome together if they just started dating.

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Greg Grippo/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

There are also many who can’t wait to see all of this explained on the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

What do you think about this latest drama?

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