Michael Allio Responds To Criticism Over Sierra Jackson

Michael Allio via YouTube

Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite single dad made some waves over his treatment of Sierra Jackson. Many felt he strung her along just as Brendan Morais had done to Natasha Parker. Sierra also seemed to think his actions were a bit shady with her Instagram posts. Michael is now speaking out and addressing his actions regarding Sierra and ending their short time together. Keep reading to find out more.

Michael Allio speaks out about Sierra Jackson

US Weekly shared what Michael Allio had to say about deciding to end things with Sierra Jackson. He’s taking full responsibility saying he realizes it wasn’t a great look for him being that it appeared to all that he had a strong connection with Sierra.

Ultimately he ended things and she left the beach not giving her rose to anyone. He wanted to be honest with her although many questioned his honesty. He’s addressing all that now especially since she posted a video throwing some shade his way.

Micheal shared a video by another blogger regarding his situation with Sierra and Danielle. The video talks about the big twist in Paradise and why Michael and Danielle did not have to participate and separate.

Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio
Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio

The blogger says she believes producers thought Michael would accept a rose from Sierra then Danielle would enter as part of the twist. However, much to everyone’s surprise including many cast members and producers, Michael ended things before the rose ceremony.

Now, production had to scramble and send in Danielle asap. They didn’t want Michael to leave the beach. So, she came in and the two hit it off. Michael also states he did not know that Danielle would be coming to the beach.

His captions on the video said, “Taking a rose when you’re [sic] heart’s not in it is ‘leading someone on.’” He continued, “Choosing to end my only relationship when I was gifted a constellation and didn’t have a rose was not a ‘good look’ but I knew that.”

Michael went on to say, “I still should [have] handled the breakup better, that’s on me.”

Many still want him to find his happily ever after

Many fans still support Michael and love that he has formed a connection with Danielle Maltby. After the hurt Michael has endured everyone is cheering him on to find love again.

Danielle Maltby via Instagram

Will he find true love after Laura with Danielle? Stay tuned to see how it all plays out for this hot single dad on Bachelor in Paradise. 

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