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‘SW’ Fans Urge Meri Brown To Look In Mirror & Practice Kindness

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown likes to talk about being kind. She thinks it is vital to bring a positive impact on others. However, fans of the show don’t feel that she necessarily practices what she preaches. They believe that actions speak louder than words and have given a handful of examples where she has been less than delightful. Read on to see what they had to say.

Meri Brown Should Practice Kindness Not Just Talk About It

A lot of times, Meri has inspirational yet cryptic quotes on her social media. They could mean a bevy of things and be directed at pretty much anyone in her family. However, one thing that she is always talking about is being kind. In her latest Instagram post, she once again spoke about being kind as a vital trait. “Do things that impact others in a positive way. Be true to yourself, and don’t listen to the naysayers. Only YOU know what’s best for you. Be authentic. Be kind. Be real. You got this, friends,” she wrote. Unfortunately, some words failed to land.


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Her followers feel that she has not always been so kind to those around her. Therefore, they started commenting on her post, reminding her of times she failed to do as she said.

  • “Why don’t you wish this for Christine then? Hypocritical isn’t it?”
  • “I find your preaching of love and positive intentions interesting yet you really don’t show kindness on show imo. I couldn’t believe you basically said you didn’t want Janelle’s trailer on your parcel of property when you’re not even doing anything with it. I thought that was needlessly mean and it gave me some insight of your dynamic with sister wives.”
  • “You are a walking contradiction”
  • “Why do you treat Christine so poorly when she truly respects herself. Why do you not support Janelle when she lives her dreams. I think that you are all talk but deep down jealous of the two of them because they can stand stand on their feet without Kody and you can’t even though he doesn’t care for you.”

Janelle & Christine Away From It All

As some followers stated, Meri Brown has not been supportive of Janelle or Christine. When Janelle purchased her RV, Kody reminded her that she would have to ask each wife if she could park it on their lots. Robyn did not mind because she was happy someone was staying on Coyote Pass. However, Meri was not happy at all yet she later stated she did not really care about the land anymore. Now, Christine and Janelle are working together on Plexus and living their best lives.

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Furthermore, Christine had the courage to do what Meri never could. She left Kody and moved to Utah. No longer is she beholden to the plural family and an intimacy-free marriage. For some reason, Meri will not give up on plural marriage though she openly has a side life with her MLM and B&B. She mentioned that no one would know if she got sick but if he is pushing everyone away, why would they care to keep in touch?

Do you think Meri Brown should practice what she preaches? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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