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‘Sister Wives’ Avalon Padron Gets Crushed, Rushed To Hospital

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Scary news for Sister Wives fans as a very pregnant Mykelti Padon was forced to rush her daughter Avalon to the hospital. Mykelti shared the details of what happened as well as a few photos of the little one’s injury that was a bit difficult to look at. What happened to Avalon that resulted in a rushed trip to the hospital? Is she alright?

Mykelti Padron rushes Avalon to hospital, injured in accident

Mykelti Padron took to her Facebook group dedicated to her LuLaRoe business to reveal she would be taking a bit of a break from posting. She explained that she had to rush her daughter Avalon to the hospital because she got injured while she was playing at a friend’s house. Mykelti’s post included a heartbreaking photo of a very upset-looking Avalon sitting on a hospital bed. There were two additional photos of Avalon’s bruised and swollen injury. Avalon Padron’s mother explained how exactly her daughter got injured and whether her daughter was alright.

SW Avalon Padron (Mykelti Padron Instagram)

While playing at a friend’s house, a pregnant Mykelti revealed that Avalon pulled a drawer out of a table. Sadly, the entire table came crashing down on Avalon. Mykelti put in parenthesis that the moment was a hard reminder that households with small children should always have furniture secured to the wall. Though, all of her safety measures couldn’t necessarily protect her daughter while playing at a friend’s house.

Including a crying emoji, Mykelti Padron noted that Avalon’s foot was not broken. It, however, was severely bruised and swollen. The concerned mother highlighted the injuries in a few additional photos.

Christine Brown’s grandbaby ends up in a boot

After being nearly crushed under a piece of furniture, Mykelti considered Avalon lucky her foot wasn’t broken. Fortunately, Avalon Padron’s foot wasn’t fractured either. According to her post, the doctor told Mykelti the reason Avalon’s foot wasn’t seriously damaged was because of how “meaty” it was. So, Mykelti concluded her post by thanking the heavens for blessing her enough to feed her daughter breastmilk.

Mykelti - Avalon - Facebook

Right now, Mykelti reassured everyone that Avalon was a little shaken up but she was doing alright. She added that Avalon is extra affectionate at the moment wanting lots of cuddles from her mother. For the next five days, Avalon would need to wear the boot she is wearing in the photo of her sitting on the hospital bed. Fortunately, Avalon would still be able to walk on her injured foot with the support of the boot.

At the very end of her post, she thanked everyone for their love and support of her precious little family.

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