‘Love Is Blind’: Zanab Jaffrey Embraces Being Hard To Please

Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3 introduced Zanab Jaffrey as a contestant who is hard to please when it comes to finding the perfect partner. Given her high selection standards, will she fall for someone without seeing their face? Keep reading to learn more about 32-year-old Zanab.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale Airs November 9

Love Is Blind Season 3 premiered on October 19 with the first four episodes currently streaming on Netflix. The upcoming episodes will continue to roll out over the next three weeks. Episodes 5 to 7 will debut on October 26 while Episodes 8 to 11 will make it to the streaming platform on November 2. The final batch of episodes will arrive on November 9 along with the season finale and a cast reunion episode.

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As per Meaww, this Netflix reality dating series brings together contestants that haven’t ever met in person. Singles get to communicate and understand their potential matches in sequestered pods where the only thing they can do is hear their voice. Between the two contestants is a glowing blue wall that ensures they cannot see one another. While some leave the show solo, others get engaged without even seeing each other and get to meet only when they decide to get married.

Love Is Blind Zanab Jaffrey Connects With Cole Barnett

Season 3 introduced 30 new singles looking for love. In the first four episodes, viewers saw contestant Zanab Jaffrey be of one mind with Cole Barnett. Soon after, the duo decides to get engaged. Now as they test the strength of their new relationship, Zanab surely comes across as someone intriguing. She describes herself as a picky dater and is clear about her priorities in the relationship right from the start.

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The realtor’s partner as described early in the season should be someone who checks all her boxes. Zanab’s ideal partner is loyal, has no kids, shares her Christian beliefs, is taller than her, and doesn’t smoke. The reality contestant is originally from London, UK, but has her roots in Pakistan. She currently resides in Dallas and hates people that can’t read a room. Initially, Zanab showed interest in Cole Barnett, Brennon Lemieux, Bartise Bowden, and Andrew Liu. However, after she explored her options, she finally hit it off with fellow realtor Cole.

Zanab And Cole Get Into A Fight After Engagement

The duo got along on their mutual love for traveling. They also connected over their religious beliefs. On one of their dates, she shared that her parents passed away when she was a teenager. Cole revealed that he was briefly married before. Although 26-year-old Cole is younger than Zanab, the two surely have a mutual attraction for one another.

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However, later in the show, viewers get to see the couple get into a fight. Talking about their intimate moments, Cole even says that it was good but not great. As the season progresses, fans will see if the couple stays strong or falls apart.

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