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Kody Brown’s First Wife Meri Says She Knows What’s Best For Her

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Kody Brown may have multiple wives, but it’s clear he only takes in an interest in Robyn. Many fans have been encouraging Meri Brown to leave Kody once and for all, but she just doesn’t seem to have an interest in it. In fact, Meri firmly believes that she knows best.

She’s over fans trying to tell her to leave Kody Brown and even insists that she really loves her life. See what she had to say.

Kody Brown’s wife Meri insists she is happy — but is she?

For several months now, Sister Wives fans have been annoyed with Meri Brown. She frequently posts cryptic Instagram posts talking about breaking free and searching for true happiness. And yet she still puts up with Kody Brown, who treats her horribly.

In a recent Instagram post, she told her followers that she really does enjoy her life and that she knows better than them.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Meri Brown/TLC

“Chilling out after a fun couple of days on the first leg of my 10 day trip. Driving to my next city tomorrow! Y’all, I literally don’t hate my life! It’s a whirlwind, I do amazing things, and I’m grateful!” Meri captioned the Instagram post. “Live a life you can love, friends. Live with intention, do things that make you smile. Do things that make you grow and learn and become the best version of YOU that you can be! Do things that impact others in a positive way. Be true to yourself, and don’t listen to the naysayers. Only YOU know what’s best for you. … You got this, friends.”

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

Yeah I hope life is better when what they show on tv,” one follower clapped back. “Cuz the last couple shows… well they don’t do u justice. Hoping you realize your worth more then he gives ya!”

“I’m pretty sure you should take your own advice ! Get out of that toxic relationship and move forward not backwards ❤️” another added. What do you think of the whole situation? Is Meri seeking attention on Instagram? Is she really happy with her life or is she just putting up a façade? No matter what you think, leave your opinions in the comments below.

Sister Wives Season 17 continues with more drama around the corner

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, viewers see Kody Brown preparing to officiate his friend’s wedding. This is especially problematic since Kody previously told Ysabel he couldn’t attend her surgery due to the pandemic. But apparently, it’s fine to attend a crowded wedding. Fans aren’t at all happy with the situation.

There will be a new episode of Sister Wives out tonight at 10 PM eastern time. Tune into TLC and see what’s going on with the Brown family next. You won’t want to miss out.

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