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Bear Brown: What’s Your Favorite ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Moment?

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Alaskan Bush People airs its fourth episode of the new season tonight and a lot has happened. The family is attempting to find its new path after Billy Brown’s death. With each of the Brown siblings headed in different directions, fans are anxiously awaiting what happens with the wolf pack.

Now, Bear Brown wants to know your favorite moments this season so far.

Bear Brown wants to know your favorite moments this season

This week, Bear Brown posted an image of him climbing a windmill and he wants to know the fans’ favorite moments of the Alaskan Bush People season so far. In the caption, he wrote, “I hope everybody’s been enjoying the newest season of Alaskan Bush people! What are some of your favorite moments from the new season? Oh heck what are some of your favorite moments from all of Alaskan Bush People?”

The comments showed that there have been a lot of fun moments. One person said they loved anytime the “little ones appear on the screen.” They also loved the dance that Gabe and Bam did together last week after getting the food silo on its feet.

Another said they loved watching Bear Brown make dinner for his family, calling it the “sweetest thing.” Some were melancholy, with one saying they missed Billy Brown on the show. While Birdie has had problems this season, another said they were glad she took care of her health, and are also happy to see some of them return to Alaska.

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What is happening on Alaskan Bush People this season?

For Bear Brown, he has moved his wife Raiven and son River further up the mountain. They are settling in, and Raiven is trying to assimilate herself with living in the wild. Last week, Raiven cooked a chicken from their farm for the first time, something that was a tremendous step for her. They have big things coming still, with her pregnancy and possibly Bear’s legal problems.

Birdie has the most heartbreaking story of the season. She has not recovered from her dad’s death and her mom gave her a letter to open when she returned to visit Alaska. However, Birdie learned she had two large tumors and will have to have a hysterectomy or she could end up with cancer later in life. Rain has traveled with Birdie, as she has no memories of Alaska.

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Noah has returned to Alaska to find a home there. He wants to leave his family and return to the bush to raise his wife and kids like he was raised. This has been tough on Ami, but Noah is determined to return his family to where he had his best memories.

As for Bam and Gabe, they are working hard on rebuilding the ranch so Ami and the family can have a profitable ranch to help the family in Washington move on. At the same time, Gabe is working hard on finding a place to build a home for his family, one that he could return home to after a hard day’s work.

What are your favorite moments this season on Alaskan Bush People so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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