What Happened To Brennan Ruault From ‘Gold Rush’?

Brennan Ruault on Gold Rush

This week on Gold Rush, Mitch Blaschke mentioned a name from the past in Brennan Ruault. The show is deliberate in what it adds to the series, especially with dialogue, and there has to be a reason Brennan was mentioned. If he is coming back, that could be huge for the crew.

Here is what happened to Brennan Ruault from Gold Rush and why he left Parker Schnabel’s crew to begin with.

Where did Brennan Ruault go on Gold Rush?

Brennan Ruault was a member of the Gold Rush cast for several years before he finally left the show. Brennan joined Gold Rush in Season 6 when he joined Parker Schnabel’s crew. He mostly worked with the excavators and he always enjoyed weighing the gold because it made all the hard work worth it.

Brennan Ruault on Gold Rush

According to his Discovery profile, he also enjoyed working out, hunting, fishing and riding motorbikes or snowmobiles. This also led to one of his scarier stories, as he was on a snowmobile during an avalanche and was buried. He crawled to the surface and only his legs remained buried.

But, what happened to Brennan Ruault on Gold Rush? He left Parker’s crew in Season 12 and went to Rick Ness’s crew. In the season premiere that year, Brennan said that he was on his way back to the Yukon and that it was time for a change. He said he was excited to hook up with a new crew, new blood, and a new way of mining.

He also said in that premiere that his last year working with Parker was “brutal.” He said that he and Parker didn’t see eye to eye anymore and it was stressful when he was angry all the time. Parker was also finished with Brennan, as he constantly questioned his leadership skills. That was the moment that he chose to leave Parker’s crew and move on.

Could Brennan return to Parker’s crew on Gold Rush?

After Mitch mentioned Brennan Ruault’s name on Gold Rush, it caused many fans to wonder if that meant he was coming back. As some fans mentioned on Reddit, there was no way the show would have dropped his name if he would not come back in some manner.

“I know he is working on a pipeline and he and Parker have history I get the impression that Parker has grown a lot personally and professionally it is clear he needs good people,” one fans suggested. He then wondered if Brennan would answer the phone if Parker called.

Some people responded that money on pipelines makes good money. It might not be worth it for Brennan to return. Another mentioned how Parker’s crew has suffered since Brennan left. They mentioned that he was always having a good time and kept the crew happy and uplifted. Bringing him back could be perfect for morale.

Do you miss Brennan Ruault on Gold Rush? Do you want to see him return to the show nad Parker’s crew? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Love Brennan on the shoe and wish Tony would hire him. Fuck Parkers spoiled punk ass. Brennan would be a asset with any of the gold rush mining crews. I feel my favorite character Rick fucked him bringing him on board for just one season having him burn important connection bridges. Even though Parker is still a first class ass hole tool.

    1. Despite the way you feel about Parker he is by far the best miner on Gold Rush. I like Tony, but he has no business sense whatsoever and if he didn’t have his wife to watch over him he’d be bankrupt in less than 3 years. Minnie is also not a good manager, but she’s far better than Tony. If Tony had the drive and business sense that Parker has he’d easily be beating Parker every season in gold found instead of getting his ass handed to him.

    2. Really you thought he was a good guy he stabbed Rick every time he could he wanted Rick’s job so bad he did every thing he could to under mine him. Parker is the one paying the bills and if your willing to under mine one person just think what he might do to Parker

  2. HEY DUMBASS PARKERS WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN HOBBY MINING WHat you never seen was Tony teaching Lil rich boy Parker the ins and outs Tony has spent his life moving dirt!!! what ya smokin Tony owns more ground than most up there he’s spent his whole life buying and waiting now he makes more than anyone on the show he’s very freaking smart also giving the show drama even more coin brings life to the show wake up there’s more to the show than just moving dirt Parker is greedy he used grandpa’s money if Tony wouldn’t have giving Parker a chance he would have been done years ago sitting on a played out mine in Alaska (his grandpa’s) really really you must be huffing the DIESEL!!!

  3. well I would like to comment on you 3 who have left comments for one Parker is still young an I wouldn’t mind the gold he is making . Tony is a dick rude an thinks his shit don’t stink but does know what he is doing . Brendon thinks he is irreplaceable well buddy everyone can be replaced . As for Rick maybe if he had rented land like Parker did he might not be in the predicament he is in ,better to pay someone royalties an make money than go broke

  4. Not.gonna.like.Parker.is.a.punk.Pushes.his.crew.too.far.Gives.them.realistic.expectations.I’m.on.season.11.Gee.move.the.plant.every.time.No.water.sucks.to.be.you.figure.it.out.Then.goes.back.to.the.office.When.his.ideas.go.bad.he.blames.everyone.else.He’s..a.punk.and.I.don’t.blame.Brennan.for.leaving.all.Parker.sees.is.money.money.money.No.matter.that.you.are.selling.your.soul.to.get.it

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