‘Supernatural’ Alum Felicia Day Hopes To Join ‘Winchesters’ Cast

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Supernatural alum Felicia Day, who portrayed Charlie Bradbury in the series, wishes to be part of CW’s The Winchesters. The actress was a part of the original series from Seasons 7 to 10 followed by Seasons 13 and 14 where she played an alternate reality version of the character Charlie. The spinoff series premiered on The CW on October 11, 2022. The series is a prequel to the events in Supernatural and trails the story of John and Mary Winchester.

Felicia Day Hasn’t Done Much On-Screen Acting Since Supernatural

In an exclusive interview, the 43-year-old revealed that she is more than willing to return to the Supernatural world if and when given a chance. She said, “It’s a prequel, but the showrunner is Robbie Thompson, who created my character Charlie. So, believe me, I would jump at any opportunity to be in the world of Supernatural again.”

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As per CBR.com, The Guild creator also talked about how she wishes to return to on-screen acting which was on halt since the COVID pandemic. “In fact, I haven’t done a lot of on-camera acting since shooting the last episode of Supernatural because the day after I flew back from Vancouver was lockdown[for the pandemic]. I was supposed to fly back up and do a couple of scenes in the finale, but they couldn’t fly any actors back up, so they had to do it without the ensemble there, which is my biggest regret; my biggest anger—which is kind of shallow for a pandemic that affects a lot of people,” she continued.

Felicia Took Up Multiple Role During The Pandemic

During the interview, the actor also reminisced about her role in Supernatural.  She described how the character was truly unique and she would be disappointed if something similar doesn’t turn up. In the past, the actor/writer has indulged in several other jobs that include hosting, streaming, podcasting, and more. However, now, she wishes to get back to her passion for acting.

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While Felicia’s character didn’t have any association with the Winchesters’ past, she still wishes the makers could introduce her into the storyline somehow. She said, “Maybe Charlie had some family members that used to hang out with the Winchesters, I am just saying.”

The Winchesters Will Re-Cast Familiar Faces From Supernatural

While the prequel doesn’t have a specific role for the Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the latter serves as the narrator of the series. Showrunner Robbie Thompson recently shared that the spinoff will feature some familiar characters from Supernatural in the second half of the first season. The Winchesters Season 1 has a total of 13 episodes of which two episodes have already aired and the third one will air on October 25, 2022.

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