Kody Brown Wishes Meri Would Leave Him For Another Man

Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Youtube

Kody Brown spilled all of his feelings regarding his first wife Meri in an explosive midseason trailer of Sister Wives. Turns out, the TLC star could care less if Meri followed Christine out the door of this plural family. Does Kody Brown really wish Meri would find another man to leave him for? Keep reading for the details.

Kody Brown wants Meri to leave him for another man

During a confessional in the midseason trailer, Kody Brown admits he hasn’t considered Meri to be his wife for a very long time. In fact, he admits he could care less if she followed Christine out the door. Kody Brown explained that if Meri approached him saying she found another man she wanted to be with, he wouldn’t argue. In fact, he made it seem like he would be happy to help her pack and move away to be with her new man.

Kody Brown Youtube
Kody Brown Youtube

Sister Wives fans wish Meri would have some self-respect

Fans of Sister Wives have been begging Meri to leave Kody for a while. Now, it appears that even Kody himself wishes Meri would leave him. Fans of the TLC series hope Meri will find some shred of dignity and self-respect so she can walk away from the man who has openly admitted he doesn’t want her anymore.

Sister Wives fans cringed as Meri Brown claimed she felt betrayed by Christine leaving. Most fans agreed the situation felt like Meri was trying to stay in Kody’s good graces by acting upset and offended that Christine was leaving.

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Kody Brown is also done with Janelle

Scenes from this midseason trailer revealed Kody Brown is also reaching the end of his rope with Janelle. He argued that there was never a time in their relationship that he felt as though he and Janelle acted as though they were husband and wife. Janelle, however, believes he’s just threatened by how independent she is. Janelle does admit that if Kody can’t handle her independence that the relationship isn’t going to work much longer.

Janelle brown - Youtube

Sadly though unsurprisingly to most fans, it appears as if Robyn is the only wife Kody Brown is trying to hold on to.

Head over to People Magazine to check out this explosive trailer. 

How do you feel knowing Meri clings to Kody and he no longer wants her? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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