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Kody Brown Finally Admits The Truth: Only Has One Wife?

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Finally, Kody Brown is admitting the truth that fans of Sister Wives have known for a long time.

An explosive new Sister Wives trailer for the midseason was released via People Magazine yesterday. In the trailer, fans watch as Kody Brown’s entire plural marriage comes crumbling down around him. It appears as if Christine leaving was just the beginning of what Kody will have to endure in Season 17. And, through the various scenes and confessionals with him talking about Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, Kody Brown finally admits the truth that Sister Wives fans have always known. Kody Brown admits that he really only has one wife.

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Kody Brown admits the truth: Only has one wife?

After raging at Christine and walking away, Kody Brown seemingly turns his anger and rage toward Janelle. Sitting down with her at a table, Kody leans into her personal space when he calls attention to the fact that he’s never felt like he was married to Janelle. He argues there has never been a point in their relationship where they actually acted like a married couple.

During a confessional, Kody Brown also shrugged off his relationship with Meri. He noted it has been a very long time since he felt married to Meri and he could care less whether they were actually together. Kody admitted she could tell him she wanted to leave and marry someone else and he would happily support it.

Robyn Brown was the only wife not feeling his wrath after Christine left. He even became a bit emotional in one scene when it was revealed she’d been hospitalized and he didn’t know if she would survive.

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Is Robyn fed up with him too, though?

Robyn Brown told the cameras that Kody is spiraling out of control after losing Christine. She, however, points out that if he doesn’t get it together and fix things with his other wives he isn’t going to have any wives left. While fans are all in agreement that Kody Brown just wants to be alone with Robyn, they aren’t sure if that is what Robyn wants. Robyn has said a time or two that she doesn’t want Kody to herself. Will she leave him if all the other wives do?

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Are you surprised Kody Brown finally admitted he only really considers Robyn to be his wife? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives

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  1. it has been very apparent since the Arrogant Kody married Robyn, that he was going to dump his other wives eventually. He has been such an A-hole for years to them. His arrogance to be a Star on TV, and USE his Wives and children to be one is the worst Sin ever.

  2. I figure in plural marriages the worst thing you can do is choose a favorite and Christine I think was his favorite until robin…I read the reason they moved to flagstaff is because her oldest son wants to go too school there…Am I the only one that thinks Kody is so angry is because his first 3 wives DON’T listen and do what ever it is he says…He said that Robin was the only one who takes his bullshit..I hope Christine will find a husband that doesn’t choose favorites… And she finds happiness.. Now if only Meri could see him for what he really is..Her and Janelle have been in a loveless no intamcy or no sex. For years..look at some of the early shows how he was and how he is now are very different..He is a man that probably put the honor and OBEY in his vows..that’s why he gets so mad nobody is doing what he says. Except Robin…

  3. Why is Kody making a big stink over Christine’s leaving him when you can see that he doesn’t care about her! I’m thinking that it’s because she called it quits before he could!! He has said that he didn’t love her just as he has said that about Meri and that they have not being like husband and wife for a long time! Maybe, could it be coz the 3 wives are a little bit on the heavy side (don’t mean any disrespect) and Robin is the only one not! Kody goes for looks, that’s all!

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