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Julie Chrisley Has No Words For Chase & Emmy’s Engagement

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Julie Chrisley joined the rest of the family in reacting to Chase and Emmy Medders’ engagement announcement via her Instagram Stories. Chrisley Knows Best fans, however, couldn’t help but notice that Julie’s reaction to her son’s big announcement was a little empty. Unfortunately, it appears as if Julie Chrisley didn’t have any words for Chase’s engagement.

As those who follow Julie and Todd’s podcast know, her empty reaction to her son’s engagement isn’t too shocking. Julie has previously been very candid about the fact that she didn’t think Chase was ready for marriage.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, it wasn’t too long ago that Julie openly admitted she wasn’t ready for Chase and Emmy to get engaged. Why was Julie Chrisley so against this next step in their relationship? Keep reading for a recap on her reasoning.

Chrisley Knows Best Chase & Julie Chrisley
Instagram Julie Chrisley

Julie Chrisley has no words for Chase and Emmy’s engagement

Julie Chrisley did join the rest of the family in sharing a photo from Chase and Emmy’s engagement. She, however, did not add any words expressing her thoughts on the engagement. Every other member of the family that shared a photo on their stories did include some sort of text with their thoughts or even just a sweet tribute to the couple.

Here’s what Julie Chrisley posted on her Instagram Stories:

Why didn’t she want them to get married?

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Julie Chrisley has no issues with Emmy Medders. She, however, knows that a male’s brain does not fully develop until the age of 28. Moreover, she thinks her sons move a little slower than the average male. So, she does not believe their brains will develop until the age of 30. For this reason, Julie believes Chase should be over the age of 30 before he pursues getting engaged.

She said at the time: “You know, they say … that boys’ brains don’t develop until they’re 28. Mine are probably a little slow, so I’m going to go with 30.”

Emmy Medders - Instagram
Emmy Medders – Instagram

At 26 years old, Julie Chrisley would have preferred her son wait two to four more years before popping the question.

Some fans think she might be pregnant. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Chase Chrisley shared a weird Instagram Story update a while back involving himself and Emmy Medders at a doctor’s appointment. Fans assumed there was no good reason for him to be at the doctor with her other than if she were pregnant. Could they be getting married because she’s pregnant? Some fans certainly wondered if that could be true.

Let us know if you think fans are reading too much into what Julie Chrisley posted on Instagram or not in the comments down below.

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