’90 Day Fiance’ Deavan Clegg Gives Sad Taeyang Update

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90 Day Fiance alum Deavan Clegg has been keeping fans in the loop about her son Taeyang. He is currently battling childhood leukemia but is a fighter all of the way. Taeyang’s grandmother, Elicia even set up a GoFundMe that has been doing incredibly well. Unfortunately, not every day can be a positive one. Now, Deavan is sharing a sad update on Taeyang and it is a total tearjerker.

A 90 Day Fiance Devastating Moment

Deavan has been juggling a lot lately. Not only is she expecting her third child, her first with Topher Park, but her son is sick. Back in May, Deavan shared that Taeyang, 3, was diagnosed with childhood cancer. Fortunately, this type of cancer has a very high success rate and he should be in the clear within five years. Unfortunately, he will need round-the-clock care so all of the resources from the GFM will aid in that. Though Taeyang has his good days, there are moments that are absolutely heartbreaking to see.


In her Instagram story, Deavan shared a photo of sweet Taeyang eating a cookie in his Spider-Man pajamas. He has visibly lost his hair which is sometimes covered with a baseball cap. She added a caption over the photo that read: “It’s days like this that make me sad. After two months of regrowth. Taeyangs hair has fallen out again over night. Just a reminder he is battling a horrible disease.” Despite his mama’s sadness, he is still cute as a button and the ultimate fighter.

How Is Taeyang Doing Overall?

Earlier this month, the former 90 Day Fiance star shared a day in Taeyang’s life with her followers. At the time, he had been suffering from nosebleeds which could be cause for alarm. Luckily, his little body was not affected at all. As of October 17th, he had made it through his new treatments relatively unscathed. This was a great relief to his family and the best part was he did not have to be at the hospital for two weeks. For some time, he had to be there one to two days per week so this was a respite.


The GoFundMe is at over 28K with the ultimate goal of 50K. Sadly, it seems Taeyang’s father, Jihoon Lee has yet to make any effort to assist or contact his son. Finally, it is unclear if he has any intentions of doing so but the support system Taeyang has is so amazing. Hopefully, he continues to respond well to treatment and this goes as smoothly as possible.

How incredibly proud are you of this little fighter? There are just no words.

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