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Whitney Way Thore’s Mom ‘Babs’ Looks Amazing After Stroke

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore’s mom Babs is looking healthier and happier after her recent health distress. The 76-year-old suffered a second stroke back in December 2021 after which the family was devastated. However, the TLC star is doing much better now as is evident from the latest picture shared by Whitney on her Instagram.

Fans Admire Babs’ Healthy & Joyful Look On Instagram

On Thursday, Whitney shared two pictures of her and Babs on Instagram as they smiled at the camera. Fortunately, Babs looked both radiant and young in the picture. She captioned the snap, “Impatiently waiting to turn into my mother!”

Whitney Way Thore YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Fans flocked to the comment section admiring how healthy Babs looked. One wrote, “Babs is looking so healthy & joyful and like her old self! So good to see her thriving!”

Another agreed, “There’s nothing Old about this woman but her soul!! God bless her I wish I had a mother so amazing as BABS.”

“Beautiful! You two are twins! Love to see your mama wearing her red lipstick again!” chimed a third fan.

Whitney Way Thore Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A fourth admired Whitney and Babs’ relationship and wrote, “Love Love your relationship with your mom. And so happy that she is doing better. XOXO.”

“I showed my mom a picture of young Babs the other day, and she said “you’re telling me that’s not Whitney??” She couldn’t get over the resemblance! Two beauties,” shared the fifth fan.

Is Whitney Way Thore’s Behavior Condescending?

While fans always admire Whitney and her mom’s relationship, she was recently bashed for her tone towards Babs. Ever since the reality mom had a stroke, Whitney stayed by her side taking care of her as she recovers. Babs is popular among fans for her firecracker attitude and quick wit. However, MBFFL fans are fed up with the way Whitney talks to Babs in a childlike manner. They feel that her behavior is condescending and over the top.

Whitney Way Thore YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In a Reddit thread, one fan wrote, “It’s so cringy to watch Whitney talk to her mom like a baby… I mean she literally talks to her like an infant and says things like ‘are you my girl?’ and ‘you’re so cute’… Holy crap. I can NOTTTT!”

Is Whitney Way Thore Misusing Babs’ Situation?

Season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is currently focused on Babs’ health and recovery. While fans are happy to see that she is on the mend, they feel like Whitney is taking advantage of this situation. They claim that Whitney is trying to show more attention to her mother and gain some authority online among TLC fans.

Babs My Big Fat Fabulous Life YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Whitney is using her mom’s current situation to her advantage? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch MBFFL Tuesdays on TLC.

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