‘Teen Mom’s Baby Struggles To Breathe, Rushed To Hospital

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Teen Mom and The Challenge star Cory Wharton is having a tough time. His baby girl, Maya had to be taken to the emergency room Thursday. The four-month-old was having trouble breathing so Cory and his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge immediately went into action. Read on for more details on the precious baby girl and her current status.

A Teen Mom Crisis

Cory Wharton had to go into crisis mode when his youngest daughter with Taylor Selfridge stopped breathing. According to The Sun, little Maya was struggling to breathe. Therefore, she had to go back to the ER. He shared all of the details on his Instagram. “It has been a very long day, we had to bring Maya back to the emergency room. She wasn’t getting enough oxygen and was struggling to breathe. Watching your child struggle for air is such a helpless feeling. Never again I pray,” Wharton wrote. He also shared photos of her wearing an oxygen mask.

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Fortunately, he was able to share that she was stable. Sadly, this is not uncommon for the couple’s second child together. Cory asked his followers for prayers for his little warrior. On Tuesday, she underwent heart surgery. Unfortunately, she will live her life with coronary heart disease. Yet it appears that her parents are being proactive and vigilant when it comes to monitoring her health. She is Cory’s third little girl as he has a two-year-old with Taylor and a five-year-old with ex, Cheyenne Floyd.

Nothing Comes Easy

For the Teen Mom star, this has been a very rough year. Though it was exciting for Cory to have his girls Ryder and Mila welcome a new sister, the other shoe had to drop. Firstly, Maya has a heart condition that has to be monitored. After what just happened, clearly, Taylor and Cory always have to be on high alert. To add to all of this, his ex, Cheyenne Floyd shared that she, her fiance, and two kids were shot at while in their car. This means that Cory’s daughter with Cheyenne was a part of this tragic moment.

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She revealed all of the details on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Fortunately, everyone was okay but it was something no parent and their children should ever go through. Hopefully, everyone can heal from that scary event and Maya can continue to receive the best treatment possible. However, Cory and Taylor seem to be doing a great job when it comes to caring for their baby girl. Best of luck through it all.

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