‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Are The Snowdens Back Together?

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Former Seeking Sister Wife couple the Snowdens have had a rough year and a half. Last July, Ashley Snowden confirmed that she and Dimitri had parted ways. It made sense since there were a lot of controversies surrounding him. They were starting to rub off onto her and she has always preached being a strong, free woman. Due to all of this, they did not return for Season 4 of the popular TLC reality series. However, it looks like they may have a chance if there is to be another season. Read on for more details.

Has The Seeking Sister Wife Couple Reconciled?

Ashley stopped wearing her Bindi which was the first sign that there was trouble in paradise. She also began new business ventures. Yet, there was nothing written in stone. Soon enough, the mother of three took to Instagram to share she was officially single. Fortunately, she and Dimitri had never legally wed even after a decade together. He did, however, marry Christeline Petersen and they are in the process of getting divorced. Now, In Touch Weekly can confirm that the Snowdens are back together.

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Ashley released a statement confirming she and her estranged partner have reconciled. “So I’m actually not single anymore. I have briefly mentioned in the past about reconciliation with Dimitri and that has also been something that has been a blessing and it’s specifically tied to my faith walk with Christ. And just like, understand this concept of like, this … responsibility of forgiveness, OK?” She noted that people want forgiveness from God yet are unwilling to forgive one another.

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Furthermore, she admits she has done some things that she would want forgiveness for, as well. Therefore, she is willing to put some things aside to move ahead. It was not an easy choice to go back with Dimitri. There were tears and a lot of therapy. The couple has had to revisit some unpleasant events including being dragged through the mud. Yet, they have decided to mend fences.

The Downfall Of The Snowdens

In the middle of Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, the couple was courting two women. In real-time, Dimitri had married one of them, Christeline. However, she came out and revealed that she was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Dimitri and Ashley. She received a temporary restraining order against him which was soon dropped. Christeline went into hiding with the help of two of the couple’s exes. He went on to file for divorce but that is still apparently up in the air. Then, Ashley announced it was over as more dirt came out about Dimitri being a shady person.

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However, Ashley is defending her husband. “He’s a good human being, no matter what you may have heard or read or what you think you see or saw.” She added that she had to die to come back and that they are all, including their three kids, on a “personal healing journey.” No word if this journey includes adding another wife but that could open the door for their TLC return.

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