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Pat Sajak Unimpressed With ‘WoF’ Player’s Dance Moves

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Pat Sajak was unimpressed with one player’s dance moves. This moment took place during the recent broadcast of Wheel of Fortune. He made a comment about the contestant’s happy dance during the game. Pat made a joke about his dance moves. Read on to learn more.

WoF player mocked for his victory dance

On Thursday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak poked fun at a contestant who got too happy during the game. He couldn’t help but do a victory dance. However, Pat took the time to poke fun at his dance moves. Jacob from Los Angeles, California found himself on a lucky streak.

Earlier in that broadcast, he shared that he enjoys watching car chases on TV. Jacob found himself winning his way through the game show. Pat Sajak asked him which category he wanted for the bonus round. Jacob chose “Places,” and seemed quite confident about the game.

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The puzzle board revealed seven blank letters in the two-word phrase. Jacob was so happy about his answer that he did a happy dance. He still had to guess the clue thoguh. The 10-second clock didn’t even start yet and yet Jacob already knew the puzzle.

Pat Sajak exclaimed: “He’s grinning!”

The player danced as he pumped his arms. The game show host jokingly wondered if Jacob got a “ferret” stuck in his pants, or if he knew the puzzle. Laughter erupted from the studio audience. Finally, Jacob stopped dancing and solved the puzzle.

Contestant Jacob [YouTube]
He guessed “Pumpkin Patches” as soon as the timer started. Pat Sajak opened the gold bonus card, which revealed $40,000. Jacob walked away with a total of $57,000. He did another victory dance as Pat exclaimed: “Woah! That’s quite a night!”

Jacob corrected him: “It’s been 20 minutes.” Pat moved on with the closing credits.

Calls for Pat Sajak to be fired

Back in September, fans called for Pat Sajak to be fired for his “unforgivable” behavior. However, this didn’t take place during the regular episodes of WoF. Fans are upset with him after a previous installment of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

They noticed how uncomfortable he made Kirsten Schaal feel during the program. He was upset when Kristen called him “Patrick” instead of “Pat.” He walked up to her and told her, “Only my mother calls me Patrick!” Fans took to Twitter to call out Pat for his inappropriate behavior.

Jacob [YouTube]
“It’s so painfully obvious Pat Sajak is over his job. Then quit!!! It is painful for him to be so rude and snarky to contestants,” one fan wrote.

“Unforgiveable,” a second added.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak’s behavior? Do you think he’s over his job? Do you think he should leave Wheel of Fortune? Sound off below in the comment section.

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