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Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Volume 3 Leaves Fans Spooked

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Fans of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries were left petrified by the latest episode of Volume 3 involving UFO sightings. The true-crime mystery series dropped Tuesday, October 18 on the streaming platform. Its first three episodes dropped on the premiere day while the next three will debut on October 25. The final three episodes will debut on the streamer on November 1 making it a total of 9 episodes for Volume 3. So, what left the fans petrified? Keep reading to find the details!

Unsolved Mysteries Episode 2 Examines Eerie UFO Sightings

The first episode this season titled Mystery At Mile Marker 45 revolves around the peculiar death of a volleyball star who was just 18 years old. However, it was the second episode titled Something In The Sky that took a toll on the viewers’ minds. As per The Sun, this episode examined several UFO sightings over Lake Michigan that happened on March 8, 1994. Jack Bushong, a meteorologist introduced viewers to the aforementioned sightings confirming that he saw large, bright, unidentified objects in the sky.

Unsolved Mysteries Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In the episode, the narrator also revealed that there were hundreds of similar sightings on the very same night confirming the incident. One woman noted that she had seen a waterfall right in the middle of the lake leading up to a bright light that could be seen thousands of feet above in the sky.

Michigan Lake’s UFO Sightings Remain Unsolved

Given the fact that most episodes on Netflix‘s Unsolved Mysteries do not have any concrete evidence, neither did this one. However, the episode did have several testimonies from radar operators and experts that reportedly saw these UFOs as well.

Unsolved Mysteries Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The episode also saw recordings of some of these reports that made it to the emergency services back in 1994. And this evidence seriously freaked out the viewers with several reporting that they couldn’t go to sleep after knowing there might be some truth to it.

Fans Are Scared After Watching Something In The Sky

Fans took to Twitter to share their experiences after viewing the episode. One wrote, “This season of Unsolved Mysteries is all the feels. I always skip the UFO stories, I’m glad I didn’t this time around. And now I’m scared to go to sleep.”

“Lady from the Something In The Sky episode about the UFO sighting said she ‘hopes everybody in the world can see what they saw that night.’ No ma’am. I’m good. I believe y’all and that’s enough,” tweeted another.

A third mentioned, “Alien stuff is always kinda scary when watching it.”

“OMG the second episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 about the UFOs in Michigan is literally freaking me out. I’m so scared. UFOs and aliens scare the hell out of me,” claimed the fourth fan.

Have you watched the UFO episode on Unsolved Mysteries? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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