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‘DWTS’ Fans OVER Tyra Banks, Threaten Boycott

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Tyra Banks is in her third season as hostess of Dancing With The Stars. However, many viewers really wish it would be her last. They weren’t happy when she replaced Tom Bergeron as the show host. Many hoped Tyra would get better with time, but she sadly hasn’t. Three seasons later, she’s still wearing distracting outfits, messing up names, and many other onscreen blunders.

According to social media and online forums, DWTS fans are just really over Tyra Banks and would do anything to see her replaced. Keep reading to see what’s going on.

DWTS fans call for the show to fire Tyra Banks

The show’s decision to fire Tom Bergeron definitely wasn’t a popular one. But at the time, many Dancing With The Stars fans were willing to give Tyra Banks a chance. After the past three seasons, those sentiments have definitely changed. Halfway through Season 31, many viewers have deemed her to be completely insufferable and are calling for the show to fire her.

All season long, Twitter has been flooded with unhappy tweets like these.

Tyra Banks has been making serious hosting mistakes since her debut in Season 29. So why exactly are fans so angry now?

According to social media threads, a lot of viewers are upset over the Prom Night episode. During the episode, both Gabby Windey and Wayne Brady earned perfect scores for their routines. Tyra announced that they had the “first perfect scores of the season.” But that’s not entirely true.

The judges actually gave Selma Blair and Sasha Farber the first perfect score of the season when they announced they were dropping out of the competition the night before. Selma revealed her health was getting worse and she had no choice but to step away. She and Sasha gave one final routine before accepting a 40/40 for their Waltz.

Fans may be annoyed by the situation, but it’s also important to remember that during the episode, it was announced that Selma’s final score wouldn’t count toward the leaderboard. The perfect score was largely a symbolic gesture to thank her for her time on the show.

The co-hostess fumbles Landon Barker’s name

The Selma Blair incident was bad enough, but fans definitely won’t forget how Tyra treated Charli D’Amelio’s guests. While introducing Charli’s family, Tyra completely ignored Dixie D’Amelio, a famous singer and Charli’s older sister.

Tyra Banks from Instagram
Tyra Banks/Instagram

On top of that, Tyra addressed Landon Barker as “Logan.” The next night, she tried to rectify her mistake but ended up calling him “Logan” again. Charli ended up having to correct her and fans really felt embarrassed watching the situation unfold.

Are you done with Tyra too? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Dancing With The Stars will present Michael Buble Night on Monday. Log into Disney+ at 8 PM eastern time and 5PM pacific time to catch the episode. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. I totally agree Tyra has to go, she makes me NOT want to watch the show. She is nauseating and seems totally in love with herself. I want Tom and partner back!

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