‘DWTS’ Fans Predict Chaotic Michael Buble Night

Michael Buble from CBS

Michael Buble Night is the next themed episode on Dancing With The Stars Season 31. The set list is out and the top 10 competitors are hard at work in the rehearsal room. Everyone seems really excited to welcome singer Michael Buble into the ballroom, including Derek Hough.

Derek Hough and Michael Buble are actually incredibly close friends. The judge revealed he was behind the push to get the singer onto the show. During Monday night’s episode, Michael Buble will act as a fifth judge. But not all viewers are excited about that. But why?

Redditors say “no way” to Michael Buble Night

DWTS fans never have any shortage of opinions. And that’s especially true when it comes to Michael Buble Night. The Sun dug up an interesting thread on the DWTS Reddit page where fans laid out their concerns.

In short, fans are really worried about how five judges will make things complicated when it comes to scoring.

“I already know Buble is gon mess up the scores someway thats gonna make me mad and effect the results lmaoo,” one Redditor wrote.

“Is Michael going to be the generous points giver (think Kevin Hart, Shania Twain) or just copying what the judges write down like most guest judges do?” another wondered.

However, other fans pointed out that they didn’t think there was room for five judges at the desk. Bruno Tonioli already fell out of his chair a few times this week.

Do you think Michael Buble is a good idea? Or do you wish the DWTS production team came up with a different idea for a themed night? Share your ideas with everyone else.

Michael Buble doesn’t plan on being too rough with his feedback

In a recent interview, Michael Buble revealed that he had no intentions of being a harsh judge. He’s a singer, not a dancer.

“I’m watching a lot of Simon Cowell and Judge Judy. So I can be harsh yet fair…” the “Sway” singer told Good Morning America. “I am in no way able to have any critical judging ability. I’m going to be kind and empathetic….because I should not be telling people [how to dance].”

Michael Buble from Instagram
Michael Buble/Instagram

So it seems like a few Redditors were correct — Michael Buble will in all likelihood be a generous points giver. Things are really coming down to the wire, so a fifth judge could make or break a competitor’s spot on the leaderboard.

Michael Buble Night comes to Disney+ this Monday night starting at 5 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in and vote for your favorite contestants, whether or not you agree with adding a fifth judge for the night!

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