Great American Family Christmas Kick Off: ‘Destined At Christmas’

Used with Great American Family's permission

Great American Family is kicking off Great American Christmas with Destined At Christmas.

This holiday movie stars Shae Robins (Love In Aruba, My One True Love), Casey Elliott (Retreat To Paradise, Lamb Of God: The Concert Film), Eve Elliott (A Belfast Story, My One True Love), Stacey Ann Turner (The Gabby Petito Story, The Christmas Project Reunion), Katherine Aiken (Beauty And The Billionaire), Brooklyn Brough (Identical Love, A Crafty Christmas Romance), Carter Brough (Beautiful Beast, Timeless Love), Pam Eichner (Blood & Oil, Broken Bread), McKenna Flory (Permafrost, Out Of Line), Arielle Groves, Charlotte Hemmings (Quest For Love, Date Night), Noah Kershisnik (Fleet, Cub Scout), and Matt Koenig (California King, Sister Swap: Christmas In The City).

In addition, Weixin Le, Lonzo Liggins, Tito Livas, Vivian Mathias, Alireza Mirmontazeri, Brandan Ego, Travis Norman, Dele Opeifa, Ty Pursley, Jazmine Shaw, Shawn Stevens, Todd Michael Thompson, Wes Tolman, and Zoey Wiscombe also start in this Great American Family movie.

Brittany Wiscombe wrote (Love’s Portrait, Just Add Love) the script and directed (In Emma’s Footsteps) this movie.

Used with Great American Family's permission
Used with Great American Family’s permission

What Is Great American Family’s Destined At Christmas About?

According to IMDb, Kim (Robins), and Theo (Elliott) are Black Friday shopping and having a meet-cute. There is an instant spark, it seems like destiny.

However, shopping chaos ensues, and they become separated before ever exchanging contact information. Equipped with the little information they have on the other, they start to search for each other.

Are they destined to be together at Christmas?

When Can You Watch Destined At Christmas?

The network premiere of Destined At Christmas is on Saturday, October 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.

Casey Elliott Reveals Great American Family Movie Was ‘Family Affair’

According to Casey Elliott, Great American Family’s Destined At Christmas is a family affair. He wrote on Instagram, “Premiering Saturday, October 22 on @gactv! Let the Christmas romance movies begin!”

Making movies with your friends is the best. @shae_robins was such a blast to act with. My daughter Eve, playing…my daughter! Director Brittany Wiscombe, producer @thebrianbrough, and DP @john.lyde. Plus so many other stellar cast and crew. 

Shae Robins wrote her own Instagram message. Her post includes some important information for anyone who does not know how to get Great American Family. 

It’s never too early for a little Christmas cheer!🎄

Destined at Christmas premiers Saturday October 22nd at 8:00 pm on @gactv!

Find out where you can watch by texting CHRISTMAS to 877-999-1225 📲🤳

Great American Family’s Second Great American Christmas Is 24/7 Christmas 

Starting on Friday, October 21, Great American Family is starting its Great American Christmas lineup. Don’t miss the second movie, Catering Christmas. This holiday movie stars Daniel Lissing and Merritt Patterson. Moreover, it premieres on Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern.
Don’t miss the premiere of Destined At Christmas, on Saturday, October 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern.
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